• The Purchasing Department operates as the exclusive authority to obligate the District for Goods and Services under Policy C-11. All purchases are reviewed for quality, quantity and kind of material to ensure compliance with the Board approved authorizations, Competitive Bidding Act and Board Policy. As required, the Purchasing Department will prepare RFQ (Requests for Quotation) or RFP (Requests for Proposals) and/or Invitation to Bid (ITB) for construction in excess of $50,000 and for purchases in excess of $250,000. (Also See Regulation C-11-R1)

    Orders, commitments or purchase requisitions (PR) by any other employee are not binding on the District and will result in the review by Management for the Illegal Purchase (IP) if the Purchase Order (PO) is not completed BEFORE receipt of the goods or services.

    The Vendor Application Form is available by clicking Vendor Application Form. The W-9 form on the back MUST be provided also. Send completed forms to purchasing@okcps.org. All requests are reviewed for contractor/employee classifications as well as in appropriate vendor/employee relations.

    Vendors can also view all open Request for Quote (RFQ), Request for Proposal (RFP) and Invitation to Bid (ITB) on the Purchasing RFQ, RFP, and ITB  page.



     **Purchasing Beginning to End**

    Click this link to be directed t a step-by-step instruction beginning with creating the PR. 


  • For any purchasing questions or assistance, please contact Purchasing at: purchasing@okcps.org 

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