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February 1, 2021

    • Bring students in grades 5th - 12th back for in-person learning in A/B Setting


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    • Students in grades PK-4th in-person learning in A/B setting 
    • SPED Self-Contained Classrooms (4 days a week; Monday is remote; Tuesday-Friday is in-person)
    • Alternative Education Students (Putnam Heights, Emerson North & Emerson South) in-person in the A/B setting
    • Students in our HOPE program in-person in the A/B setting

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  • OKCPS will reserve the right to make transitions to learning that may run contrary to the proposed plan when it is explicitly requested or ordered by local or state officials such as the Mayor of Oklahoma City, Governor of Oklahoma, State Superintendent of Public Instruction,  Oklahoma State Department of Health, Oklahoma City County Health Department, or other appropriate agency.