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  • Regardless of which learning option you choose, all OKCPS students will be provided with a mobile device for the upcoming year thanks to those who supported the “Yes the Yellow” bond and some much-needed federal dollars. The district can even help with access to wifi if needed. We don’t want our families to have any barriers to learning.

    Learning devices will be distributed at your child’s school during the first few weeks. 

    Students will be asked to bring their device back and forth to the classroom with them as we continue to integrate technology into their daily learning routine. It is important that these devices are fully charged at home each evening so they are ready to use at school the next day.

    For questions about existing devices or if your student still needs to get enrolled so they can be given a personal learning device, please reach out to your child’s school.

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  • These resources provide general information and instructions on maintaining, storing, distributing, using, and caring for the mobile devices. The term “mobile device” will be used to refer to iPads or Chromebooks. As part of empowerOKCPS, all students will be assigned a mobile device to use at home and in school. Guidelines, instructions, and procedures have been provided to help schools in successfully implementing 1:1 digital learning environments.

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