• Accounts Payable

    The Accounts Payable Department is responsible for processing all District payments other than payroll payments. This includes all payments to vendors and employee reimbursements for mileage, travel, etc.

    An Accounts Payable payment can be processed only upon completion of the following activities:

    1. A Board Approved Purchase Order (PO)
    2. A Goods Receipt (GR) for any completed goods or services
    3. An Invoice Receipt (IR) entered by the Accounts Payable Department


  • Check Printing / Delivery Schedule

    • Accounts Payable Checks are printed Thursday of each week.

    • All checks are mailed by Friday of each week.

    • SAF checks are printed Mondays and Thursdays.

    • Checks delivered by the courier will arrive the next day (Tuesday and Friday).

    • If offices are scheduled to be closed, please check with the Accounts Payable Department 2 business days prior to the first day scheduled to be closed. 

    Checks cannot be picked up directly from the Accounts Payable Department.


    5 Steps to Reimbursement

    The 5 step list below is a quick guide designed to assist you in getting your check processed as quickly as possible.

    1. Include the appropriate purchase order number for your reimbursement.

    2. Make sure your supervisor/principal has signed and dated the form.

    3. Attach all related receipts.

    4. Appropriate GRs must be completed before a payment can be processed. GR's are completed in SAP. Click this link for an easy to follow illustration on completing a GR.

    5. Submit both forms of reimbursement requests listed below to Accounts Payable at acctspayable@okcps.org.

    • All mileage reimbursement requests should be submitted monthly.
    • All travel expense reimbursement requests should be submitted as soon as travel is completed.  




  • For any accounts payable questions or assistance, please contact Accounts Payable at: 

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