Welcome to OKCPS Homeroom!

  • Team OKCPS,

    OKCPS adopted an enhanced way of communicating across the District. OKCPS Homeroom, is powered by Workplace. All employees will have access to this powerful, team-building collaboration tool which can be accessed on the web or via a mobile app. Workplace is a professional version of Facebook that has been adopted by over 30,000 organizations globally including many other educational institutions. It functions independently and with a high level of security, and it is offered to us for free as a public school system.

    Streamlining our district communications through OKCPS Homeroom gives us a unique opportunity to respond to feedback in real time and create a culture of open two-way communication between colleagues. In addition, this tool will create an internal networking forum through which employees can ask questions, share great ideas, and get connected to #TeamOKCPS.

What is Workplace?


  • Q - Is Workplace connected to my personal Facebook?

    A - Your Workplace account is separate from your personal Facebook account. There is no link between the two accounts and you have full control over what you share on each account.    


    Q - Why do we need another communication tool?

    A - Workplace makes it easier to communicate with colleagues via chat, groups and posts. It connects everyone in our organisation and is easy to use on the go via your mobile device. It requires very little training. If you have a Facebook account then you will know how to use Workplace!


    Q – What are the best features of Workplace?

    A – Groups allow you to post updates to all of your colleagues quickly and easily. It will allow us to enhance cross-team collaboration, provide a place to provide feedback and speed up decision making. Join the groups that are most important to your team or your role to ensure you are always up to date.

    The Workplace News Feed gathers conversations from all your groups, so that you’ll never miss an update or comments from your closest co-workers.   

    Work Chat allows you to have 1-1 text and video conversations and conversations with larger groups of people.   


Access from Your Desktop

  • Access OKCPS Homeroom (powered by Workplace) from your desktop by clicking on the Homeroom icon.

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