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What we do

  • The Great Commitment is a promise to our students. We believe in their future. We believe they are capable of unimaginable successes. It is our job as a community to meet their needs so that they can succeed.

    We are committed to continuous improvement of our district. We are committed to empowering our educators. We are committed to working with our families and community. We are committed to creating the best educational experience for ALL students regardless of zip code, gender, or race.

    Now is the time to ReConnect with OKCPS. We are gathering as a community to determine our successes, our opportunities to do better, and identify not only short-term, but long term goals for our district.


  • As a new department within the organization, we are constantly learning and growing. Your feedback will help us get better! Please feel free to contact us via this form with questions, comments, or other feedback. 

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  • Kenny Ward


    Kenny Ward
    Continuous Improvement Administrator

    Email: kdward@okcps.org
    Office: (405) 587-0417
    Cell: (405) 227-3364

    Oklahoma City Public Schools
    Continuous Improvement
    PO Box 36609
    Oklahoma City, OK 73136