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  • The Oklahoma City Public Schools Communications and Community Relations Department has one of the largest call volumes of any public or private information office in Oklahoma City. This is attributable to many factors which generate requests for information including:

    • Approximately 46,000 students
    • Approximately 5,000 employees working in schools and offices across Oklahoma City, Spencer, The Village, and Nichols Hills
    • More than 600 registered community partners
    • Approximately 12,000 tutors, mentors and/or volunteers
    • A national focus on public education and struggles of inner-city school districts
    • The close proximity of the Oklahoma legislature

    Responsibilities of the Communications and Community Relations Department include:

    • Open Record Requests from vendors, parents, elected officials, government agencies, employees, other school districts, and those wanting to conduct business with or within the district.
    • Coordinating media requests from local, state, national and international English and Spanish media outlets.
    • Implementation and strategy for social media and new media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and the district website.
    • District-wide printing/copying services for all departments & school sites.
    • Strategy & development of district-wide and school-based public relations campaigns.
    • Internal and external communication including parent letters, phone and text messages, staff memos and community newsletters.
    • Crisis Communication counsel development and execution for all school sites, and departments.
    • Recruit and retain volunteers and mentors for all students.
    • Identify and solicit Community Partners for all schools.
    • Assist in the planning and execution of district-level event planning.
    • Serve as the liaison for Community Relations opportunities that support The Great Commitment.
    • Provide graphics design services to departments and schools as needed. Create, design district-wide deliverables.
    • Take photos of district-wide events to support marketing and promotional strategies.
    • Partner with PTA/PTO/PTSA in authentic family engagement initiatives.


Department Goals

    • Function using clear, concise, transparent and two-way communication to create channels that build trust and understanding between OKCPS and our stakeholders.
    • Use standardized communication strategies to provide our staff, families & communities with meaningful information.
    • Create engaging & timely multimedia content to promote and celebrate our students and community.
    • Act as champions for the OKCPS mission & vision and practice the values of The Great Commitment.

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