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Extended Educational Services

  • Extended Educational Services (EES) are for students who require special education and/or related services while incarcerated, housed at residential facilities, or placed at a day treatment facility. Students receive their educational services by Oklahoma City public school teachers. Students exiting EES are contacted by the Transition Coordinator to ensure a successful transition back to their home school takes place. Our goal is to reduce the re-entry into EES by stabilizing students returning to OKCPS with a comprehensive transition plan for placement into their home school.

    Mission Statement:  Providing students in nontraditional settings opportunities to reach their individual potential by acquiring skills, knowledge, and values to become competent productive citizens

    Vision:  To become a school where students are engaged in a curriculum that prepares them to be responsible self-supporting citizens, objective thinkers, academic achievers, and self-initiating life-long learners

    Motto:  Taking Pride to Become a Better Me…

    Expectations:  Be Respectful – Be Responsible – Be Ready

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