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    Over 8 months, more than 1,200 students, parents, community members and district staff embarked on “The Great Conversation” to define what student success looks like for Oklahoma City Public Schools. Through our diverse voices, interests and commitment to student improvement; this community agreed we will define what is important, and we will measure it. 

    Introducing The Great Commitment, Working Together As One - For all Students, Oklahoma City Public Schools' new Strategic Plan was approved by the Board of Education during the June 25, 2015 meeting.

  • the four pillars

    The Four Pillars define the capabilities district staff and the community must develop to reach the goals in The Great Commitment. From teachers to parents and business leaders; we all have a role in turning our school system around in order to reach our community-wide goals.

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    Pillar #1

    Culturally Responsive, Rigorous Teaching & Learning


    • Align curriculum, assessment, technology and materials to Oklahoma standards
    • Provide instruction that is customized and culturally relevant for students
    • Implement specialized practices that support early literacy and target under-performing students and struggling schools

    Pillar #2

    Safe Climate and Strong Relationships with Families & Community


    • Provide training and revise policies to support safe and respectful environments and equitable enforcement of disciplinary procedures
    • Create a safe climate that celebrates diversity and fosters culturally inclusive practices among all staff
    • Provide ongoing training and two-way communication to parents, families, and community 

    Pillar #3

    Effective Teachers, Leaders and Staff


    • Attract, develop, and retain a highly qualified and diverse workforce
    • Set professional standards, evaluate all employees, and provide timely intervention for struggling teachers and staff
    • Implement new employee induction by offering orientation, training, and mentor-teacher support

    Pillar #4

    Data-informed, Needs-based Resource Allocation


    • Create a data dashboard to inform the public of district departments and school performance
    • Conduct annual satisfaction surveys regarding quality of teaching, leadership, and service
    • Implement an assessment tool to provide feedback on student growth and teaching practices
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    In Oklahoma City, we must work together to achieve great results for all students; the movement towards student growth begins with our commitment to high expectations. We are committed to year-to-year progress towards our aspiration of success for all students.  

    The Great Commitment defines our goals and measures for student success, our promise to turn good intentions into results for all students through purposeful action.

  • Early Literacy
    and Numeracy

    Goal: Every student will meet literacy and numeracy readiness criteria for successful transition from pre-k to 2nd grade.

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    Accelerated Performance
    for Under-Performing Groups

    Goal: Low-performing student groups will perform at a level that closes the opportunity, learning, and achievement gaps.

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    Maximizing Instructional

    Goal: Every student will participate in at least 95% of the instructional days in a school year.

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    Advanced, Tech-Literate Courses
    and the Arts

    Goal: Every student will complete at least one higher-level course of study outside the core subjects.

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    Student Engagement
    and Voice

    Goal: Every student will play a personal and meaningful role in their own learning and in the educational decision making of their school, district, and/or community.

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    High School

    Goal: Every student will graduate from high school, prepared for success in college or in career-technical fields.

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    Mastery of Core Subjects

    Goal: Every student will meet standards of performance in the core subjects at key transitional grade levels.

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    Community-Wide Goals and Measures of Student Success


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