• Four Cornerstones

4 Organizational Cornerstones

  • Building a Sustainable System

    TeamOKCPS aspires to learn and grow. We create, connect, and share knowledge and ideas. We adapt to reflect new insights and build collective efficacy.

    TeamOKCPS is made up of inspired, effective teachers, leaders, and staff members who reflect the diversity of our community. We are constant learners and use feedback to grow.

    TeamOKCPS understands the complexity within the system and outside it, and we strive to provide predictable support to our schools. We are accountable for making decisions about resources that are smart, equitable, and transparent.

    TeamOKCPS operates from our shared purpose and values. We are aware of the past, we face the realities of inequities in our schools, and we relentlessly focus on moving forward.

Living Our Mission | Planning for Change

  • Living Our Mission
    Every day, Oklahoma City Public Schools will ignite a passion for learning in every child, invite families to engage, and inspire respectful and trusting relationships with our diverse community.

    Planning for Change
    The OKCPS Mission outlines three core aspects of the culture we wish to design. We believe that the organizational design choices we make will drive culture change.




    Our divisions, departments and schools are charged with planning, testing, studying, and implementing their best ideas for changes that will support progress toward transforming learning and building a sustainable system that supports our mission.