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  • Guided by the Six Goals of Educational Equity, as outlined in the OKCPS Lau Plan, the Department of Language & Cultural Services is committed to student, teacher and parent success. Facets of our role in OKCPS include the creation and implementation of innovative and powerful instructional programs for English Language Learners, the crafting and delivery of robust professional development for educators working with culturally diverse students, interpreting and translation training and services, building school-parent/community bridges, engaging, educating, and empowering parents and families to be advocates for their children and decision-makers in the educational process, as well as providing other ongoing support to all stakeholders.  

    Why we do what we do:
    To be an immigrant means everything is different.   In America I have freedom. I came to America because I want a future. My future will have a good education, freedom and success. I am looking for the freedom. Because a long time ago I did not have freedom, I could not do anything I wanted.  So, I needed freedom. Now, I live in America.
    America is a free country.  I love my life because I have freedom.  I can do anything if I want.  Good education if We are studious. Everyone who is students must have read the book and do homework at home. I want became a good student. I think I can. I will have success.  I need to learn every day.  I am new to America.  Everything feels very hard to me. I want to become a good student.  I will talk with everybody in America. I will learn English. I must have an education.  My future will be full because I will have a good education, freedom and the success that goes with that.   My future will be in America.  Now, I am free in America. To be an immigrant means everything is different, thanks be to God.

    From the essay Coming To America by Tin Le, Capitol Hill High School ELL Newcomer Program Student

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