Introduction & Overview

  • Oklahoma City Public Schools Superintendent Aurora Lora has tasked a committee of individuals from across the district to gather and analyze data that will make a recommendation to the Board of Education regarding whether our current continuous learning calendar, a traditional calendar or a hybrid of the two is best suited for OKCPS.

    • Continuous learning calendar is the model the district currently uses with an earlier start date, shorter summer break, with a two week break during the fall and spring.
    • Traditional calendar has a later start date, longer summer break and fewer breaks throughout the school year.
    • Hybrid calendar would be a combination of the two listed above.

    All three calendars require students to be in class the same number of days.


    In the coming weeks, the committee will review the following information:

    • Impact on students
    • Impact on staff
    • Utility costs
    • Transportation costs
    • Maintenance issues


    The committee will also perform a series of short surveys for various stakeholder groups related to this issue.



    Tentative Timeline

    • September 26-October 21 – Send surveys to staff groups, families and community members
    • October 24-28 - Prepare data for presentation
    • November 7 – Board Agenda Information Item and presentation of data
    • November 21 – Present Recommendation to Board

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