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What we do

  • We believe that our organization has a moral imperative to change the odds for our students. We envision a future in which every student will graduate an accomplished, independent learner prepared to lead a choice-filled life -- a future in which social factors do not predict student outcomes.

    The role of the OKCPS Information and Accountability Division is to empower staff and community with the knowledge and confidence to notice inequitable practices and take action, providing students access to ambitious learning opportunities and causing families to feel “seen,” welcome, and included in the learning process.

    Our theory of change is that by using data and information to shine a light on inequitable student learning conditions to help staff, families, and community understand the system and by equipping staff to design strategies to improve culture & instruction based upon the unique strengths and needs of their school community, we will move toward our vision. We are also charged with maintaining essential district technology infrastructure and data systems that drive required reporting.

Our 2019-20 Goals

  • To deliver on our theory of change, our division has three strategic goals, in addition to the routine work we do to support technology, data, and program evaluation in the district and to our role as collaborators on projects such as planning for future bonds.

    1. To develop, assess, and publish insights into our students’ conditions of learning with a research-based equity framework and audit based on both quantitative and qualitative measures. We anticipate publicly presenting the equity audit to the OKCPS Board of Education in late April 2020.

    2. To provide staff with learning opportunities to build awareness and capacity for equity leadership. In addition to in-person learning opportunities for leaders and faculty members, our first district-wide training on implicit bias launched in January 2020.

    3. To collaboratively assess, compile stakeholder input, and design the 2020-25 strategic framework, the next evolution of The Great Commitment. We anticipate publicly presenting the strategic plan to the OKCPS Board of Eudcation in late April 2020.


  • As a new division of the organization, incorporating both existing and new departments, we are constantly learning and growing. Your feedback will help us get better! Please feel free to contact us with questions, comments, or other feedback. Our leaders' direct contact information is located in the right hand bar of each departmental web site.

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