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Benefits Open Enrollment: 2021

  • Notice: 10/29/2020
    The Benefits Online Option Period has been extended through Thursday, November 5th.
    If you wish to change, add or remove benefits and have not made your selections yet, please do so as soon as possible. Please remember, enrollment can only be done online, and paper enrollment forms will not be accepted. If you do not want to make any changes to your current medical, vision, or dental plans, you do not have to re-enroll or do anything for your coverage to stay the same.

    If you currently have an FSA, HSA or Dependent Care for FY20 and wish to continue these benefits please complete the enrollment process. If you have increased your Supplemental Life Insurance and will have to provide an Evidence of Insurability to the underwriter, please submit that information to the address provided on the form by November 5, 2020.  

    Finally, Cigna Dental participants will be required to select another dental provider, if this is not completed, your coverage will end on 12/31/2020.  
    HealthChoice participants must complete your Tobacco Free Attestations Survey by November 13th, 2020.

    Register for the Open Enrollment: Virtual & In Person Sessions

    Register Here

    Please fill out the form. Once you have chosen the session(s) that you would like to attend, we will send you a calendar invitation. You may select (checkmark) more than one box if you would like to register for multiple events.

    If you are attending a Virtual Benefits Fair or Virtual Step by Step, you will receive a calendar invite that contains a link to a Google Meet.

    If you are attending an in person session, you will also receive a calendar invitation. Please read all the details within your calendar invitation for location, directions, room number etc. All OKCPS Covid-19 Safety Mandates for physical distancing and face covering will be required for all in person sessions.

Open Enrollment: Virtual and In Person Sessions

  • Google Meet
  • In Person
  • Virtual Benefits Fair
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  • Enrollment Portal

    How to Login

    1. To access the online enrollment site, go to

    2. At the login screen, you will enter the site using the
    following information:

    • Type in your user ID:
    Your Social Security Number (SSN)

    • Type in your PIN:

    The last four digits of your SSN and last two of
    your birth year. (For example, for SSN
    123-45-6789 and birth year 1974, you would type
    in 678974).

    3. Click the ‘Log On’ button.




    Don't Delay, Enroll Today!

    Benefits Option Period is a period of time each year when you can sign up or make changes for health insurance, change plans, add or drop dependents from your coverage and increase or decrease your life insurance. If you are enrolling a spouse or child(ren), you must have their birth date and social security number available to enter into the system.



    Health Plans

    Premium for benefits will not increase for the 2021 Calendar Year

    Dental Plans

    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma

    BCBSOK – BlueCare Dental High Plan and BCBSOK – BlueCare Dental Low Plan are
    new dental plans for 2021.


    • The name of the 2020 Cigna Dental Care Plan (Prepaid) has been changed to Cigna
    • Prepaid Low (OKIV9) for 2021.
      > If you are currently on the Cigna Dental Care Plan (Prepaid) in 2020, you MUST actively enroll in Cigna Prepaid Low (OKIV9) or choose another dental plan for 2021. If you do not do this, your dental coverage will end on Dec. 31, 2020.
    • Cigna Prepaid High (K1I09) is a new dental plan for 2021.

    Tobacco-Free Attestation

    If you are enrolled in the HealthChoice High or Basic plan and wish to stay enrolled in that plan, you must complete the online Tobacco-Free Attestation for plan year 2021 available at healthchoiceconnect.com by Nov. 13, 2020. This does not apply to HDHP members.


    Important Information:

    o HealthChoice participants, click on the link to sign the HealthChoice Tobacco-Free Attestation
    o If you are purchasing life insurance, please fill out and submit the Life Insurance Application.
    o Benefits Open Enrollment will be completed online. 
    o You must enroll by October 30th online at OKCPS Online Enrollment.
    o You may access the 2021 Employee Benefit Options Guide by clicking here.
    o If you do not want to make any changes to your current medical, vision, or dental plans, you do not have to enroll.
    o If you are currently enrolled in a flexible spending account, your plan will end December 31, 2020. If you want to participate in 2021, you will be required to re-enroll during Open Enrollment.
    o If you are enrolling a spouse or child(ren), you must have their birthdate and social security number available to enter into the system.


    Dependent documentation can be submitted to the district by:

    Email: hrbenefits@okcps.org
    Fax: (405) 587-0611 or (405) 587-0148
    In Person by Appointment Only: Clara Luper Center for Educational Services, 615 N Classen.

    Questions can be emailed to hrbenefits@okcps.org


    2021 Open Enrollment FAQ’S


    1. When is the Open Enrollment Period?  October 1 – 30th
    2. Where do I enroll?  Online enrollment, go to www.afenroll.com/enroll
    3. How do I get a user ID? Your user ID is your entire social security number (SSN) without any spaces.
    4. What is my pin?  The last 4 digits of your social security number (SSN) and the last two digits of your birth year.
    5. Do I have to enroll? No, this is not a forced enrollment, however you should review the changes for 2021 as you could be affected by the dropped dental plan.
    6. What are the types of spending accounts?  A Health Care Flexible Spending Account can cover medical, dental or vision expenses and a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account covers employment-related expenses for child care.
    7. If I already have a spending account, do I have to enroll again? Yes. Spending Accounts are to be renewed every year.  You must enter in a specific yearly dollar amount for the year 2021.  
    8. What is a Health Savings Account (HSA)?  A type of savings account that lets you set aside money on a pre-tax basis to pay for qualified medical expenses.  This account can be used to cover your high deductible health plan. Your money is uploaded with each pay period so funds are not immediately available.
    9. What is the dollar limit for the Health Care Spending Account (FSA)?  $2,750 per year.
    10.  What is the dollar limit for the Dependent Care Spending Account?  $5,000 per year.
    11.  What is the dollar limit for the Health Savings Account (HSA)? $3,600 for individuals and $7,200 for families each year. Catch-up limit is $1,000.
    12.  Who can enroll in a Health Savings Account (HSA)?  Any employee that is also enrolled in the HealthChoice High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP).   
    13.  What if I don’t do anything during Open Enrollment in October?  You  will keep what coverage you have now for next year, EXCEPT if you have the Cigna Dental Plan.  Cigna Dental is going away effective December 31st and there is no default to another dental plan.  You would lose coverage on December 31st if you do not choose another dental plan for 2021. You would also not have a spending account in 2021 if you had one this year and did no changes as it ends on 12/31/2020.  
    14.  What if I have a child turning 26 during 2021 do I need to do anything?  Your child will be dropped by OMES automatically once they obtain the age of 26 and they will notify OKCPS to make changes to your plan, so no, you do not need to do anything.
    15.  What if I have a child that is disabled?  Please complete a Disabled Dependent Assessment Form so that the carrier can be notified. 
    16.  How do I make enrollment changes? Online is the only way to do your 2021 enrollment.  
    17.  When do the Open Enrollment changes take effect?  January 1, 2021
    18.  What is new for the year 2021?  They have added additional dental plans and they have dropped Cigna Dental.  
    19.  Have the medical prices increased? Please review the Benefits Option Guide. https://omes.ok.gov/sites/g/files/gmc316/f/documents/202008/2021-BOG-FINAL.pdf 
    20.  What is a Flexible Benefit Allowance? It is money provided to you by the District to help you purchase medical insurance.  The amount you receive is $615.90 each month.
    21.  Has the Flexible Benefit Allowance increased?  No.  The Health Choice High Plan did not increase their price for 2021 so the FBA credits are still at $615.90.
    22. Will I need to do the Tobacco-Free Attestation?  Yes, if you are enrolled in HealthChoice High or HealthChoice Basic.  If enrolled in HealthChoice High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) you do not.  You must complete online at https://gateway.sib.ok.gov/Attestation/  no later than November 13, 2020.
    23. What happens if I forget to do the Tobacco-Free Attestation?  If you are not in the first year grace period, you will automatically be enrolled in a higher deductible, increased to an additional $250 per year.  As an example, HealthChoice High would not be at a $750 yearly deductible, it would be at a $1,000 yearly deductible. 
    24. If I increase my life insurance, who sends the Evidence of Insurability to the state insurance group OMES? You are responsible to fax or mail your EOI in before the deadline which is October 30th.
    25. Can HR Benefits send in my Evidence of Insurability (EOI) Form on my behalf? No, because it is your protected information.  However, the top section of the EOI form must be signed by an HR Generalist prior to you mailing or faxing your EOI in for approval of the increase.


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