Culture of Caring

  • CoC
    We will promote a sense of belonging and inclusion to foster engagement in a safe and respectful community.

    Our Priority Focus: Social & Emotional Wellness

    Strategic Initiative: Embrace OKC

    Desired Outcomes

    For Students 
    Connect each student to a learning and support network that promotes well being, engagement, and pride.

    For Staff
    Increase capacity for building strong, engaged teams.

    For System
    Enhance engagement with families and staff diversity.


    Key Progress Indicator


    • This indicator reveals if students and staff are well, engaged, and want to be at school or work.
    • Breaking it down by student groups, like English learners, students with disabilities, and race/ethnic groups, shows to what extent social factors predict that some students have fewer opportunities to learn.
    • Focusing on reducing student and staff absenteeism accounts for a number of ways that students lose instructional time and attention and experience a negative climate, such as exclusionary discipline/suspensions and time without a stable teacher.