Open Records Request Procedures

  • The Oklahoma City Public School District (OKCPS) complies with the Oklahoma Open Records Act. OKCPS records are available for public viewing and copying, except for records that are confidential under state and federal laws.

    If the requestor selects to inspect documents under the Open Records Act; the documents must be kept in the order in which they were provided. Use of writing instruments while reviewing District documents is prohibited. The requestor must designate the records to be copied with the use of paper markers, post-it notes or other non-destructive means.

    The following fee schedule will be used with copying or scanning documents:

    • $0.25 per page for records having the dimensions of 8 1/2 by 14 inches or smaller.
    • $1.00 per copied page for a certified copy.
    • Copies of other media shall be the actual cost of reproduction including labor.

    OKCPS reserves the right to charge a search fee if the information requested requires an excessive disruption of the essential functions of District staff.

    • $25 per hour search fee for commercial requests or those that cause an excessive disruption of office functions.
    • $35 per hour labor fee when computer programming or computer processing time is required.

    All fees for copies and delivery costs must be paid by check or money order before documents are provided. Payments may be made and delivered to:

    OKCPS Financial Services - Treasury
    P.O. Box 36609
    Oklahoma City, OK 73136


    Please Note: AN OPEN RECORDS REQUEST FOR HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPTS AND JOB VACANCIES IS NOT REQUIRED. Please refer to the Student Services page for high school transcript information and the Human Resources page for job vacancy information.

    Procedures Stamped and Filed with County Clerk

Open Records Requests

  • All Open Records Requests are handled through OKCPS Communications.

    Looking for High School Transcripts?

    Transcripts are not obtained through Open Records Requests. Please refer to the Student Services Records Request page for more information.

    Please call 587-NEWS with questions regarding requests.

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