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  • We provide digital and print media services to all of Oklahoma City Public Schools, including web design, graphic design, photography, video, social media images, posters and more. We offer extensive expertise in creating and delivering all forms of media content using the various methods available: publications, presentations, video, and online materials.

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    Print Requests

    • Copy requests for black and white documents are limited to administrative offices or for any document related to a district-wide event. Copy requests for schools are considered on a special needs basis. Please contact Communications with questions. Includes envelopes, district forms, cumulative folders etc.

    Business Card Requests

    • OKCPS does not provide cards for individual staff members. However, we will provide school specific cards and department specific cards that can be shared by all staff at these sites.We encourage individuals to use a digital business card, like HiHello or Blinq.


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