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Grant Management

  • The Manager, Grant Writing will centralize the grant seeking process to create a more standardized approach to applying for assistance in an effort to strengthen the District’s ability to secure more funding, assist those in search of funding to achieve financial benefits for all schools and departments within the District, and most importantly to create an added benefit for our teachers and students.

    In order to standardize the grant seeking process and make sure that all stakeholders are aware of funding efforts, requests for assistance should originate through the Principal, with input from the ILD for your school.  Also, don't forget that DonorsChoose and Partners in Action are resources that are readily available to you.


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    • Be sure to review the Pre-Screening Workflow to determine if an Intent to Apply Form is needed.
    • If required, send completed Intent to Apply Form at least 4 weeks, if possible, prior to deadline for submittal of grant proposals.
    • Please use the “Funder Information” form to submit information about previous funders or those that you know about, so the information can be added to the Funding Opportunities Spreadsheet
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Remember These 10 Easy Rules for Successful Grant Management

    1. Read the grant application to make sure you know what is required of you.
    2. Reread the grant application.
    3. Discuss the program and budget with Principal and complete Intent to Apply Form.
    4. Follow directions and grant requirements exactly.
    5. Keep records of everything.
    6. Meet all deadlines.
    7. Put all budget requests in writing and make sure the program justifies the expenditure.
    8. Spend the money in a timely manner; do not spend money on items that are not in the budget, and do not spend more money than you have been allocated.
    9. Implement the program as it is written.
    10. Keep the Manager, Grant Writing informed throughout the process (application, implementation, and closeout).


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    Forms are in PDF format allowing users to complete forms and insert an eSignature without printing. For best results, save a copy of the forms to your computer before completing.