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    As of September 1, 2018, the new Travel Agent Service Vendor is All About Travel


    Travel arranged by the District’s Travel Agent

    Travel Agent can arrange hotel and/or airline flights; (including hotel reservations through conference websites). 

    • Complete and email the Travel Agent's Request for Quote Form to the Travel Agent Service Vendor, include all information (i.e. suggested Airline Departure/Return Times, etc.) 
    • Travel Agent will provide the Traveler with quotes for the hotel accommodations and airline flights which best match the Travel Quote Form information. 
    • Once a Purchase Order (PO) has been awarded, Travel Agent will make final hotel accommodations and/or airline flights arrangements. 
    • If Hotel Resort Fees are mandatory, they will NOT be included in the Travel Agent's arrangements and must be paid by the Traveler during hotel Check Out. This fee is reimbursable as an incidental Expense. 


    If the Traveler wants a conference hotel rate that the Travel Agent cannot book, the Traveler can arrange and pay for the hotel directly.  See Travel arranged and paid for by the Traveler below.

    If it is not economically feasible to personally pay for travel, the Traveler can contact the hotel to determine if the hotel will accept a PO.  If the hotel will accept a PO, then the traveller needs to create a PR with the hotel as a vendor.  If the hotel is not currently a vendor, PRIOR to creating a PR, a Vendor Application Form & W-9 must be completed by the hotel and submitted to Purchasing.

     If the hotel will not accept a PO, the Traveler must contact the Purchasing Department to make arrangements to pay for the hotel by using a District Purchase Card (P-Card).


    Travel arranged and paid for by the Traveler

    Travellers can arrange and pay for their own travel.  The Traveler must obtain quotes for hotels and flights and the PR Requestor must create a PR with Traveler as the vendor (See Create Purchase Requisition and Order below).  A PO will be awarded directly to the Traveler.   After the travel event is complete and the Expense Reimbursement Form (also see e-Signature Instructions for form completion) is submitted and approved, the Traveler will be reimbursed all allowable expenses incurred during travel.  A PO must be approved by the Board before reimbursement claim can be processed.