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Welcome to Energy Management!


    Energy Conservation has been a priority for the OKCPS Operations Department for quite some time. While that is not changing, the way that our district will go about accomplishing goals for these efforts and priorities will change. 

    We are happy to introduce an internal Energy Conservation Department in contrast to a previously outsourced effort on the District’s behalf.   The Energy Conservation Manager will oversee a team of 4 Energy Management Specialists. This team will work directly with campus assigned operations teams to coordinate efforts around reducing energy consumption with a focus on cost savings, operations efficiency, and changing habits of all school personnel. 

    Additionally, the department is focused on establishing relationships with partners such as OG&E, CLEAResult, and others in identifying potential cost savings, rebates, and grant funding opportunities.

What can be expected from the Energy Management Team?

    • Monthly campus walkthroughs followed with administrative recommendations

    • Monthly administrative consultation on actions for each campus

    • Monthly feeder pattern/district-wide financial analysis and reporting of audit outcomes to Operations department leadership

    • District wide communications campaign targeted at informing each building of our efforts

    • Break reminders, checklists, and reports back to administrators on each campus’ accomplishments towards energy efficiency

    • Celebrations for campuses making great strides towards these efforts

    • Efforts in student awareness and engagement around the importance of and their part in energy conservation

    • Working side-by-side with HVAC, Plumbing, & Electrical teams, bridging communication between Operations and school administrators


    We look to improve on what has already been a significant reduction in utility costs from years past and want to express our continued commitment to maintaining a "Safe, Dry, and Comfortable" environment that is conducive to learning.


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    Operations Center
    2500 NE 30th Street
    OKC, Oklahoma 73111
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    Joe Koster
    Energy Conservation Manager
    (405) 587-1474

    Michael Moore
    Energy Management Specialist
    (405) 625-5111

    Antonio Garrett
    Energy Management Specialist
    (405) 361-9597

    Dwight Houston
    Energy Management Specialist
    (405) 693-2835

     Cecelia Ward
    HVAC/Energy Management Administrative Assistant
    (405) 587-1111

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