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Welcome to Grounds!

  • GOAL
    Our goal is to maintain the exterior landscape of all sites in a healthy and attractive manner through regular mowing and occasional tree trimming. Currently we maintain 75 buildings and over 1,200 acres of OKCPS property.

    The Grounds Department will notify the site administrator of a planned site visit. Site administrators can then work with their Custodial staff to ensure all site trash has been policed prior to mowing begins.

    Our goal is to provide a safe, clean environment free from pests. The District employs three full-time exterminators who spray every building regularly. We use only State-approved chemicals in all pest control applications. We will not spray while staff or students are in the building. If off cycle spraying is needed please submit a request via SchoolDude for special attention.


    • Athletic fields – the Grounds department provides technical expertise to support athletic fields, and these areas remain the responsibility of the site and coaching staff.

    • Flower bed weeding and mulching – are the responsibility of the custodians assigned to clean the site.


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    Operations Center
    2500 NE 30th Street
    OKC, Oklahoma 73111
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    Derron Griffin
    Grounds Director
    (405) 595-1384

    Joe Hollins
    Team Leader
    (405) 568-5562

    Zachery Daniels
    Team Leader
    (405) 248-7175


    Report Work Request in SchoolDude.

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    SchoolDude Questions contact Wes Tippit 405-301-6176