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Welcome to Maintenance!

  • We provide routine, preventive and corrective maintenance to the over 6.5 million square feet of OKCPS property, spread over 136 square miles and all district sites. The Maintenance department is comprised of two work units, General Mechanical Services and Technical Maintenance Services.

    General Mechanical Services

    • Designed to provide each school with on-site maintenance support.
    • Organized into 4 geographic areas for Maintenance: North, South, East and West.
    • Each Zone is served by a team of 12 to 16 Maintenance Mechanics.
    • Mechanics' familiarity with their sites is designed to not only increase their familiarity with buildings and site specific issues, but to allow them to become true members of a school’s community who are invested in daily operations and an advocate for the needs of the site.
    • Mechanics work closely with site administrators and well as the Maintenance Administrators. While the large tasks they complete are immediately noticeable, the seemingly small details are just as important.
    • Mechanics perform daily rounds to ensure that their sites are in good working order.

    Examples of Routine Work

    • Checking boilers and air conditioning units to be sure they are working within proper limits.
    • Performing required monthly inspection of fire extinguishers, exit signs and emergency lights.
    • Inspects and repairs any item perceived to present a danger to the occupants or helps comply with Fire Marshal inspection reports.
    • Repairs any small holes, loose handrails, missing ceiling tile, open junction boxes, electrical panel clearance, hot water and boiler clearance, maintaining clear exit paths, etc.
    • Inspects and repairs exterior doors, hinges, panic devices, door sweeps, closures.
    • Inspects and repairs exterior window glass
    • Replaces ballasts, switches, electrical outlets, resets breakers
    • Replaces filters as scheduled
    • Unclogs sinks and toilets
    • Provides minor repairs of plumbing fixtures, faucets, or flush valves.
    • Contacts the Facilities Department to provide support for items beyond the scope of the general mechanic’s tasks.