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Technical Trades

    Technical Trades handles those issues which require either specialized licenses or skills, or are beyond the normal length or scope of General Mechanics’ duties.

    Technical trades includes carpentry, painting and graffiti removal, heavy equipment, tile and locksmith.

    • Carpentry department typically responds to repairs to doors and door frames, casework, millwork, small wall and room repairs and/or remodels. Within this department is our tile/soft floor group. They are responsible for the repair or replacement of floor tile. The typical size job would be the average classroom or less in square footage.

    • Painting and graffiti removal is responsible for the many graffiti work orders that are received throughout the year, re-striping the parking lots and other minor touch up request that are required during the year.

    • The Tool Crib works with all the departments within maintenance in supplying them with the proper tools, supplies and materials as needed to address various work orders. They are the central shipping and receiving location for ordered materials for the Maintenance Department.

    • Heavy Equipment is responsible for the repair of fencing, signage, and dirt work throughout the district. They also work with the Ground's Department in the repair or in some cases the removal of playground equipment. The Heavy Equipment group also does minor asphalt repair and concrete work to sidewalks and driveways.

    • OKCPS policy strictly controls the issuance of keys (both electronic keycard and traditional metal keys). A significant number of District security issues are related to keys, and these costs directly impact not only funding but also asset availability for instruction. While a site administrator may issue keys to any area of their own building, District master keys may not be distributed to any employee without the permission of the Facilities Division Director.


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    James Spears
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