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    Our goal is to provide a safe and well maintained environment for all district staff and students. We are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the district’s water, sewage and natural gas systems.

    A few of the typical jobs we do are unclogging sewer lines, storm water drains, repairing plumbing fixtures in bathrooms, fixing water fountains and repairing leaks. The many plumbing fixtures are replaced on an as-needed basis depending on the life and future plans for each building. We work with our natural gas supplier to perform the annual testing of all gas piping to all district sites.

    The schools and auxiliary buildings that have natural gas piping are required to be tested every year. We also replace sewer and water lines as needed throughout the district. We also coordinate with the Safety Director and work with several different city municipalities to obtain licenses, permits and inspections on district projects as needed for occupancy.


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    Operations Center
    2500 NE 30th Street
    OKC, Oklahoma 73111
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    Greg Williams
    Plumbing Manager
    (405) 650-4942


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