Duties, Terms & Pay

  • Duties
    Committed to the advancement and success in the education of OKCPS students, the Board concentrates its efforts in the following areas:

    • policy-making and planning;

    • formulating policies that serve the educational interest of the students;

    • hiring and evaluating the superintendent;

    • providing the superintendent with guidelines for implementing policies;

    • collaborating with the superintendent to identify methods for improving educational programs and district operations; 

    • maintaining communication with members of the community, staff, and students to know their opinions, desires, and ideas;

    • conducting business openly, in accordance with state laws, and encouraging involvement in the Board’s decision-making processes by citizens, students, and staff.

    Board members commit to a four-year term when elected to office.

    The filing period for the annual board election is held the first Monday of December through the following Wednesday. The Primary Election is held in February (if 3 or more candidates file to run) and a General Election in April (if only two candidates file to run or for a position on the ballot for an unexpired term or if no candidate in the Primary Election receives more than 50% of the votes cast). Board elections rotate by district on a four-year cycle. The upcoming cycle is as follows:

    • Board Chair - 2021

    • District 1 & 2 - 2021

    • District 3 & 4 - 2020

    • District 5 & 7 - 2022

    • District 6 - 2023

    Per Oklahoma statutes, school board members receive $25 per meeting, not to exceed $100 per month.