Board Chair, Paula Lewis

District 2, Rebecca Budd

  • Rebecca Budd

    Email Rebecca Budd
    (405) 587-0444
    Terms of Office: 2017-2021 

    Schools Represented
    Horace Mann Elementary*

    Johnson Elementary*

    Monroe Elementary

    Nichols Hills Elementary

    Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School (5&6)

    Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School (7&8)

    Putnam Heights Academy (5-12)


District 4, Mark Mann

  • Mark Mann

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    (405) 587-0444
    Terms of Office: 2017 (Appointed), 2018-2020

    Schools Represented
    Eugene Field Elementary

    Hawthorne Elementary

    Wilson Elementary

    Capitol Hill Middle School

    Classen School of Advanced Studies Middle School

    Emerson High School


District 6, Gloria Torres

  • Gloria Torres

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    (405) 587-0444
    Terms of Office: 2014 (Appointed), 2015-2019
    Bio and Mailing Address

    Schools Represented
    Arthur Elementary

    Coolidge Elementary

    Esperanza Elementary

    Fillmore Elementary

    Heronville Elementary

    Hillcrest Elementary

    Prairie Queen Elementary

    Van Buren Elementary

    Jefferson Middle School

    Roosevelt Middle School

    U.S. Grant High School

    Emerson South Mid-High School

District 1, Charles Henry

  • Charles Henry

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    (405) 587-0444
    Terms of Office: 2017-2021

    Schools Represented
    Britton Elementary

    Quail Creek Elementary

    Ridgeview Elementary

    John Marshall Middle School

    John Marshall High School


Vice Chair & District 3, Carrie Jacobs

  • Carrie Jacobs

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    (405) 587-0444
    Terms of Office: 2016-2020
    Bio and Mailing Address

    Schools Represented
    Adams Elementary

    Buchanan Elementary

    Cleveland Elementary

    Kaiser Elementary

    Mark Twain Elementary

    Rockwood Elementary

    Mary Golda Ross Middle School

    Taft Middle School

    Northwest Classen High School

District 5, Ruth Veales

  • Ruth Veales

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    (405) 587-0444
    Terms of Office: 2010-2014, 2014-2018, & 2018-2022
    Bio and Mailing Address

    Schools Represented

    Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary

    Thelma R. Parks Elementary

    Rogers Elementary

    Shidler Elementary

    Spencer Elementary

    Willow Brook Elementary

    FD Moon Middle School

    Wheeler Middle School

    Classen School of Advanced Studies High School

    Douglass High School

    Star Spencer High School 

District 7, Jace Kirk

  • Jace Kirk

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    (405) 826-2983
    Terms of Service: 2018-2022

    Schools Represented
    Bodine Elementary
    Cesar Chavez Elementary
    Hayes Elementary
    Lee Elementary
    Parmelee Elementary
    Southern Hills Elementary
    Webster Middle School
    Capitol Hill High School
    Southeast High School