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    All regular, special, and emergency meetings of the Board of Education are open to the public.

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    Regular Meetings
    There are two types of regular board meetings: Business Meetings and Work Sessions. Business meetings are generally held once a month. Work Sessions are less frequent (usually about 6 per year). Both occur at 5:30 p.m., almost exclusively on Mondays. Business Meetings are primarily focused on discussing and taking action on business matters and recognizing student achievements. Work Sessions provide an opportunity for staff to present detailed information to the Board on a variety of topics pertaining to District operations, with limited business discussions and actions planned. There are exceptions to the routine schedule/content structure due to holidays and other Board and District activities.

    Unless indicated otherwise on a posted board meeting agenda, all regular meetings of the OKCPS Board of Education are held in the Great Room of the Clara Luper Center for Educational Services, 615 North Classen Boulevard, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73106.

    Special Meetings
    Any meeting consisting of a quorum of Board members wherein they conduct discussions and/or take actions on District business -- outside the regularly scheduled board meetings -- is considered a Special or Emergency Board meeting. The Board will only call a Special Board Meeting when a circumstance requires attention.  In accordance with the Open Meeting Act, notices providing the date, time, and location of, and agendas for, Special Board Meetings will be provided to all Board members, the County Clerk, media, individuals/organizations on file requesting the same, and the public.

    Emergency Meetings
    An Emergency Board meeting is only called when the Board needs to handle a situation involving injury to a person, the incapacity of the superintendent, injury or damage to public or personal property or immediate financial loss. An Emergency Board Meeting can only be called if the likelihood of increasing injury or damage or immediate financial loss is too great to wait the 48 hours required for a Special Board Meeting. During an Emergency Board meeting the Board will only discuss the business for which the meeting was called.