• OKCPS IT Service Catalog

    Core Enterprise

    Service Desk

    The Service Desk is the front line and single point of contact for all internal and external customer inquiries, incidents, and service requests. It operates from 7:30 - 4:30 M-F to provide customers with advice, guidance and the rapid restoration of services.

    User Account & Access Administration

    Management of account creations, modifications, or other management of user accounts for access to IT systems.

    Enterprise Information Security

    The protection of information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction in order to provide confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

    Network Connectivity

    Network connectivity between:
        - local machine, printer or departmental server

        - core enterprise local area network (LAN), building or campus

        - wide area network (WAN)

        - authorized systems.

    Shared Services

    Desktop and Computing Devices Support

    Hardware and software support for District owned PCs, MACs, and other Smart computing devices including remote and onsite incident repair and standard software installation, updating and patching.

    Email & Calendaring

    Implementation and support of the enterprise email and calendaring applications.

    Telephony Support

    Support for primary voice communications including voicemail, VOIP, and conference calling.

    Printer Support

    Support for District owned high-capacity printers including hardware support, lifecycle management, and management of third party vendors.

    Data Storage

    Hosted data storage solutions with dedicated space for individuals and departments.

    Self Service and Custom Support

    The OKCPS Service Desk is the single poing of contact for IT Support.  You can either submit a Service Request through the self-service portal in Incident IQ 24/7 or you may call the Service Desk at 587-HELP to speak with an OKCPS IT Support Agent.

    • Chromebook Login Request - The District has well over 40K Chromebooks currently in service.  If you have Chromebook login issues, please submit this request.
    • Clever Support Request - The District has standardized on Clever integration for automatic rostering and Single Sign-On (SSO).  The Clever service allows students and teachers to use their login credentials for several educational applications, such as MasteryConnect, Kahn Academy, and Achieve3000.
    • Computer Support Request - The District has standardized on Dell desktops and laptops.  If you need technical support related to your District-issued device, please submit a Computer Support Request
    • Equipment Pick-Up - Teachers are to return District-assigned equipment to their site principal.  Principals will need to submit an Equipment Pick-Up request in order for IT Client Services to schedule the return of that equipment.
    • Google Apps for Education - The District has adopted Google Apps for Education, currently known as G-Suite for student email and a whole host of collaborative document services.  If you need technical support, please submit this request.  However, if you need training, we'd refer to Infobase Learning Cloud or visit the Educational Technology Services resource site.
    • Guest Internet Access - The District has the capability to offer Guest Internet Access services for vendors and professional development providers.  We do require a 24-hour lead-time in order to create a guest account for users.  Please note that this is not intended to be used as a Bring Your Own Device mechanism.
    • Incident Report Log - We take IT Security very seriously.  Please use this request type to report AUP violations, data confidentiality, and potential IT-related FERPA violations.
    • Infinite Campus Referral Deletion Request - In order to maintain transparency and accountability as it relates to student discipline, administrators are required to submit this request, which is managed by the Office of School Culture and Discipline.
    • Infinite Campus Support Request - Infinite Campus is our new Student Information System that was launched in July of 2016.  If you're needing technical support or access to Infinite Campus, this is the Service Request that will be routed to the Enterprise Services team.
    • Managed Distribution Request - OKCPS has roughly 11K iPads currently in service.  In order to receive apps from the District level, you'll need to submit this as a request so that we may distribute them to your iPad.
    • Network Drop Support Request - If you feel that network drops have failed or you need to submit a request for additional network drops, the Network Drop Support Request is the one you need.
    • Network Support Request - Most network support requests are triaged by Client Services first, as sometimes the issue may be related to the device.  Use this request type for issues related to network credentials, email, and network access
    • Printer Support Request - IT Client Services manages the large capacity HP printers, as well as the mid-range Lexmark printers that are under warranty .  The local site is responsible for basic maintenance like removing paper jams.  If you are requiring technical support or having issues with PaperCut or Print Anywhere, then the Printer Support Request is for you.
    • SAP Support Request - Please submit this request type if you need SAP technical or operational support.
    • Technology Purchasing Request - In partnership with Finance/Purchasing, Federal Programs, and Educational Technology Services, use this in conjunction with the District Technology Purchasing Guide to submit the TPR.
    • Telephone/Voicemail Request - This ticket type is to be used for technical equipment related to Voice over IP (VoIP) handsets and voicemail.
    • Theft Report Request - In order to receive a replacement for stolen district equipment, we require a police report.  This request type is the first step in receiving replacement equipment.
    • Web Unblock Request - Our belief is that we provide students and teachers access to high-quality Internet content to be used for teaching and learning.  Unfortunately, some web-sites are miscategorized and blocked for other reasons.  If you need a site unblocked, submit this request and we'll review within 24 hours.


    Retired Services

    • TERMS (July, 2016)
    • SmartWEB (July, 2016)
    • Destiny-On Prem (October, 2017)
    • United Streaming (July, 2008)
    • Intercom Systems (Transferred service ownership to Safety and Security, July, 2015)
    • Video Surveillance Systems (Transferred service ownership to Safety and Security, July, 2015)

  • OKCPS Software Portal

    As part of the Service Catalog, we also provide a self-service software portal through Altiris.  Through this mechanism, you're permitted to install pre-approved software without the need for IT intervention.

    Please download the instructions if you need assistance.  You may also call the Service Desk at 587-HELP. 

    Software Name

    Achieve 3000 shortcut
    ActivInspire v2.8.66693
    Adobe Flash Player
    Audacity 2.1.2
    Camtasia Studio 8
    Cisco AnyConnect VPN Clinet
    Clever shortcut 
    Core5 shortcut 
    CPS 6.75
    Dell Webcam Central 
    ExamView 8.1 
    Firefox 61
    Google Chrome 63.0.3239.132
    Google Drive File Stream
    Google Earth Pro
    GotoMeeting 7.2.3019 (by Citrix)
    IE 11 (REBOOTS PC)
    Imagine Learning 1.116.2914
    Java 8u191
    KITE Student Portal
    Lexia shortcut
    Movie Maker 6
    MS Mathematics Add-In for Word
    OverDrive for Windows 3.4.2
    Photo Story 3
    SAP 7.50 - OKP
    Silverlight 5.1.50907.0
    SketchUp Pro 2018
    Skype 7.36.101
    SMART Gallery Essentails
    SMART Lesson Activity Toolkit
    SMART Notebook 15.2 (Works with SMART Response Clickers)
    SMART Notebook 18 (Does NOT work with SMART Response Clickers)
    Spotlight On Music-Interactive Listening Maps
    VLC Media Player 2.2.6 (Win 64)
    Zorb Digital Viewer