• The Infrastructure and Production Support Teams maintains the District’s data center, operating systems, workstations, email, network, security, telecommunication, and other technology platforms. The department is also responsible for managing IT assets, providing first level support through the service desk, and desk–side support to the schools through Field Support Technicians.

    Several teams within Infrastructure and Production Services coordinate to ensure a reliable insfrastructure that provides the foundation to fully leverage technology. Read more about them below: 

    Network Services (NS) provides networking, security, telecommunications, wiring, and network technical support for OKCPS.

    NS furnishes support services to over 45000 faculty and staff members. Services range from installing and repairing telephones, maintaining network connectivity, providing spam and virus filtering, providing a safe and secure networking environment, to server setup and configuration.  

    NS Operations Team

    This team manages all tasks associated with the maintenance and restoration of District and Data Center hardware, operating systems, and databases. The team also provides production support for operational tasks for various departments within the District. They provide the coordination of all IT infrastructures as they relate to the current Data Centers and school platforms.

    NS Network Team

    This team manages all tasks associated with the maintenance and restoration of the OKCPS Email, Network (LAN/WAN), Security, and Voice platforms. They monitor the infrastructure and ensure that any issues are properly addressed and corrected. 

    Client Services (CS) supports all of the technology used by all students, teachers, and administration staff members. This includes cell phones, ipads, chromebooks, desktop, and laptop computers. (as we like to say, “any computing device outside of the jacks on the wall”)

    CS set up, manage inventory, and deliver new computer equipment throughout the district. CS also deploys computers and other technology to new employees as they are onboarded.  

    CS Service Desk Team: 

    We staff the Service Desk and Service Counter.

    The Service Desk is available for service calls  @405-587-HELP from 7:00am to 4:30pm M-F, with the exception of holidays. We do our best to keep you notified of any time changes. This is normally your quickest way to either have a non-hardware related problem repaired, or to get a work order opened if you do have a hardware issue.

    The Service Counter is open for walk-in service at the far east end of the main drive at the Operations Center at NE 23rd and Miramar, 7:30am to 4:30pm M-F with the exception of holidays.  If you do require immediate hardware or installation service, or want to drop off your equipment for service or general cleanup, this is your best option.

    CS Service Engineering Team:

    Manages the ServicePro ticketing system, software portal, remote software service and mobile device management platforms.

    CS Field Technician Teams (Primary & Secondary):

    Provides technical and break/fix support for all items in use throughout the district including our network printing service, Lexmark “print anywhere” printers, and perform troubleshooting and repair of the network printers purchased by the district. These teams work based on our ticketing system and ticket time in unless there is an outage keeping any group from working.

    CS also serves as liaison between the district and our third-party warehousing team that prepares most of your devices before they are shipped and delivered to your school site.

    Infrastructure Operations
    Infrastructure Operations provides a variety of services to support individual schools and the district as a whole, including the overarching IT architecture plan and deployment, implementation and maintenance of email and collaboration tools, network administration, telecom and wireless integration, management of the data center, MDF/IDF support, oversight of VMWare/VDI, deployment of applications, desktop and imaging services, chromebook support, and Mac and tablet support. 

    IT Security
    The OCKPS IT Services Security team maintains the processes and systems designed to protect district, student and employee information that is digitally collected and stored.  As OKCPS becomes more reliant on technology and the computing environment for instruction, student assessment testing, educational record keeping and data access, the work of IT Security become more critical.

    The group works actively to:
    • Provide a clear security regulations, standards and guidelines using the CoSN K12 Security Framework. 
    • Inform and educate the OKCPS staff about cyber security. 
    • Monitor and manage access to district systems. 
    • Proactively manage information and network security risk. 
    • Quickly respond to, contain and manage security incidents. 
    • Ensure operational continuity and rapid recovery in the event of an emergency situation.


  • IT Strategy and Planning Support:
    • Supports mission critical business applications, such as the District’s enterprise resource planning system (SAP), Exchange, and Infinite Campus.
    • Manages enterprise-wide strategic initiatives through the IT Services Project Management Office.
    • Supports fiscal management for the division.
    • Provides leadership in the areas of IT governance, data quality, and strategy.

  • Student Information Systems as part of the OKCPS Enterprise Services, leads the production, on-going development and maintenance of a suite of OKCPS information storage systems, inclusive of Infinite Campus; oversees the input of accurate and complete student data to ensure the appropriate funding of educational programs and to promote instructional continuity; communicates information systems policies; conducts training; and plays a key role in state reporting in conjunction with Planning, Research, and Evaluation

  • IT Service Delivery
    The organizational structure and teams are created with a focus on customer service, partnership across the district and with an eye toward the future, IT Service Delivery (ITSD) plans, develops, supports and maintains computing hardware services for OKCPS. 

    For the students: ITSD works with Educational Technology Services to understand the educational need and provide IT tools that enhance the student experience and promotes innovation. 

    For the teachers: Working closely with the Educational Technology Services and Curriculum-Instruction-Assessment teams, ITSD equips our educators with robust, readily available technology to support a wide spectrum of teaching methods and learning environments. 

    For administration and staff: ITSD delivers the devices and ongoing break/fix support to foster an efficient and effective work environment.