Annual Enrollment Requirements - ALL OKCPS Students


    May include the following, but not limited to:

    • Proof of payment of local personal income or property taxes
    • Title to residential property in the district, or a valid unexpired lease agreement, or current receipts for payment of rent on a district residence where the student lives
    • Proof of current utilities (gas, water, or electric bills)
    • A valid, photo ID of parent. Acceptable forms of ID include:  State Issued ID, Driver’s License, Matricula, or Passport.  ID must have an expiration date and must be current in order to be used as one proof of residence. The photo ID is not required for enrollment but may be requested for security purposes.
    • Voter registration

    Families living with others are encouraged to bring the person with whom they are living to enrollment to show the proofs of residence.  As long as all families are treated the same way, you may ask them to complete the Establish Residency Only form which includes the information about the ramifications of providing false residency information.  The principal also has the authority to accept other documentation such as official mail for the parent, DHS paperwork, or notarized letters from the persons with whom the family is staying. The school does not have the authority to ask the parent to provide a lease agreement that includes all persons living at the residence.

    Home Language Survey - All parents complete this form for all students every year. If you have questions, please contact Language and Cultural Services at 587-0256. This form has been updated for 2018-2019. *Please do not use an old version of this form. 

    Procedure for HLS Forms

    Enrollment Questionnaire/McKinney Vento – All parents complete this form for all students every year.  If you have questions, please contact the Homeless Education Office at 587-0106. This form has been updated for 2018-2019. *Please do not use an old version of this form. 

    Native American Title VI Eligibility Form – This form should only be completed if the child is Native American.  This form is commonly referred to as “506 Form”. 

    • RETURNING STUDENTS: This form only needs to be completed one time as they enter OKCPS.  If the returning student has already completed a 506 form, they do not need to complete another one.  If they do not know if they have completed one, please have them fill out another one.
    • NEW STUDENTS: The 506 form needs to be completed by every NEW student who is Native American. 
      • By school mail: Native American Student Services (NASS)
    • A Native American student cannot receive services from NASS unless the 506 form is housed and on file in our NASS office. Do not keep the 506 form in the student’s school file.
    • If you have questions, please contact Native American Student Services at 587-0355. This form has been updated for 2018-2019. *Please do not use an old version of this form.  

    Annual Permissions Form - All parents complete this form for all students every year. This form has been updated for 2018-2019. *Please do not use an old version of this form.

NEW Student Enrollment Requirements



    Parents/guardians of children new to the district are asked to provide an official copy of the birth certificate for school files. Although an official birth certificate is preferred, in the absence of a birth certificate, the principal may accept other documentation that shows the child’s name and date of birth such as: 

    • An attending physician’s certificate
    • Permanent school records
    • Family bills (shows student’s date of birth)
    • Last year’s attendance register or other official scholastic record
    • Baptismal certificate
    • Passport
    • Life Insurance policy

    The principal may also allow the parent/guardian a reasonable length of time to obtain proof of birth (parent contacts the department of health from the student’s birth city). In such a case, the principal will be responsible for dismissing the student at the end of the grace period unless proof of birth is presented. If the principal denies enrollment due to the absence of proof of birth, the parent may call Student Services at 587-0438.  If parent is still not satisfied, parent may appeal to the Instructional Leadership Director.


    Requirements are listed on the Oklahoma State Department of Health’s website. Contact your regular doctor or the OK State Department of Health for locations to obtain immunizations your child may still need.