Application Process



    In this section, be sure to answer the following questions:

    1. How did your interest in opening a charter school move from being an idea to becoming a plan?
    2. How will innovation look for your prospective school given what is currently offered in the district?


    Applicant Group Information

    1. Members –share out the names and backgrounds of the individuals that comprise the applicant group.
    2. Prospective Roles – share out the intended roles of the applicant group should the application be approved.  For example, one of the individuals in the applicant group will be the board chair, two individuals will be board members, and the remaining individuals will spearhead fundraising and community partnership efforts.
    3. Public Contact – provide the name, phone number and email address of the main contact
    4. History – state whether or not you have submitted an application to OKCPS in the past, and, if so, what feedback you received if your application was denied.  Provide dates as well.


    Proposed Charter School Information

    1. Proposed Name
    2. Proposed Location
    3. Planned Grades and Enrollment
    4. Proposed Management and/or Partnership
    5. Proposed School Mission
    6. School Overview – provide an overview of the academic programming
    7. Target Population/Community Served


    Enrollment and Retentionbriefly share out your recruitment and retention plans


    Public Outreach and Community Support – briefly share out your community outreach plans and your plans to provide documented support along with your application.  Examples of support could be surveys, petitions and letters of endorsement from community partners.


    Proposed Board Chair Signature and Date




  • Letters of Intent are due by 4:30 pm on December 14th to the Office of PK-12 Schools, to the attention of Mr. Ronald Grant ( The office’s location is at 3100 North Kelley Avenue, OKC, OK 73111.  Anything received after December 14th will not be accepted.  If the letter of intent is not submitted in time, the application itself will not be reviewed.  The application is due January 14th by 4:30 pm.

Pre-Opening School Protocol

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Annual Report Template

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Closure Protocols

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