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    Enrollment FAQ

    Q: What if persons bring students to enroll for whom they do not have any type of legal custody documentation?  
    A: Establish Residency by Affidavit - Persons complete if they have assumed primary custody and care for students.  Note the form includes information about consequences for falsifying information for enrollment.

    Q: What if a parent/guardian brings students to enroll but they live with someone else and don’t have proof of residence?  
    A: First, the family should complete the Enrollment Questionnaire to determine qualifications as homeless.  If family does not qualify as homeless, the parent/guardian may complete the Establish Residency ONLY Affidavit to document the living situation. If schools use the affidavit for one family living with someone else, use it for all families who report they live with someone else. Student Services advises families in this situation to bring the persons whose names are on the proofs of residence to enrollment to make the process as smooth as possible. 

    Q: Guardianship other than court assignment - Is there a legal option for a parent to assign temporary guardianship to another adult without going through the court system?
    A: Oklahoma law allows for a parent to assign temporary guardianship to another adult by signing and having notarized a Temporary Guardianship Agreement SAMPLE, an example of the information and language for the agreement is available at the link. The agreement is valid for up to one year and parents may identify the details of the scope of the guardianship. Signatures of the parent and the person accepting guardianship must be notarized.  

    Q: Household Information Surveys, what do we do with these?
    A: With the move to Online Registration (OLR), families complete this information online.  If the parent/guardian completes a paper packet registration, the information must be added by the school office staff and the paper copy of the correct forms shared with the office as listed on the form.

    Q: Annual Permissions form, what do schools do with those forms?
    A: A: With the move to Online Registration (OLR), families complete this information online.  If the parent/guardian completes a paper packet registration, the information must be added by the school office staff on the permissions tab at Census > People > Permissions The paper copy of the form should be uploaded to student Person Documents.

    Q:  Who could potentially receive and what is considered “Student Directory Information?”
    A:  Certain information about district students is considered directory information and will be released to anyone who follows the procedures for requesting the information unless the parent or guardian objects to the release of the directory information about the student. For example, newspapers and media outlets may request the information in reporting about student activities, athletic teams may publish information about their athletes, or researchers may request data about students for research purposes. Parents or students who do not want this information released must submit a request in writing to the principal within 10 days of the time the handbook is issued to the student.

    The following student directory information may be released by any school official without violating FERPA or the Oklahoma Open Records Act (51 O.S. 24A.16):

    1. Student name and address
    2. Telephone number
    3. Date and place of birth
    4. Major field of study
    5. Participation in officially recognized activities and sports
    6. Weight and height of members of athletic teams
    7. Dates of attendance
    8. Degrees and awards received
    9. The public or private school most recently attended by the student
    10. Published pictures of students.



    NEEDS TO BE UPDATED - Not Current
    Cumulative Records - End of Year Procedures

    Student Services stores all HISTORICAL high school transcripts.  We do not store elementary and middle school report cards.  These, including copies of the HS transcript, are to be kept in the student's cumulative folder, never to be destroyed, and stored by the last OKCPS site the student attends.  Current students obtain transcripts and report cards directly from their school.  Former students obtain transcripts from Student Services. 

    Special THANK YOU to our OKCPS sites for providing current year graduates with an official copy (or several) of their transcript from their high school as a courtesy.  Students need these for college enrollment and when applying for jobs.



    • Cumulative folders, ELL files, and Confidential files (up to 3 separate packages) shall be hand-delivered by the sending school to the receiving school, once testing information has been added.
    • High School transcript checklist must be completed (see below)
    • A master list of records received and disbursed should be maintained at the school site by the secondary registrar and the elementary school secretary.

    *Note:  Extended Educational Services (EES) may receive copies of requested information since students typically attend EES temporarily.  The resident or transfer OKPS site the student is enrolled in must retain the official cumulative folder.

     sites must return this Student Records End of Year Procedures verification form to Student Services by June 30th of the current school year and include the following information:

    • Commencement Program
    • List of seniors lacking credits or tests (include # credits and which courses needed by semester; which tests needed) 
      Ex:  [S2 Algebra I - 1 credit]; or [S1 and S2 Algebra I - 2 credits], etc.
    • List of financial obligations
    • School is verifying all transcripts are complete on TERMS, and all graduates' transcripts have a graduation date
    • Charter schools not using TERMS to store grades must include a paper or pdf copy of each transcript, so these can be stored officially in OKCPS' official transcript management program
    • School Official/Registrar signs
    • Area for additional comments
    • Student Services signs and dates when received



    ELEMENTARY AND MIDDLE SCHOOL sites are to verify information in TERMS and update the student's cumulative folder before submitting them to the next school the child will attend.  CUMULATIVE FOLDERS ARE TO NEVER BE DESTROYED and must remain at the last site the student attended in OKCPS. 


    According to ACE Updates provided by SDE, any student who does not graduate on time because he or she has not met the requirement to demonstrate mastery in Algebra I, English II, and two other subjects; is not yet 19 years old; and does not enroll in school in order to receive remediation and continue working toward meeting that graduation requirement would be considered a dropout and must be reported as such on the District’s Dropout Report.

    When students enroll full-time for remediation, then pass their EOI exam(s), then the school has the responsibility to:

    • Update TERMS to reflect the requirements being met
    • Provide the student with their diploma
    • Provide Student Services with updated notification that the student has met requirements and now has an updated transcript on file
      (the previous list from school would show this student did not graduate, so the non-graduating student list would need to resubmit by the school)  
    • Charter schools would have to submit a copy of the official transcript to Student Services.