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    2023-24 School Year Transfer Request 
    Submit a request for the 2023-24 school year by April 15 to receive notification by May 2023.

    Oklahoma City Public Schools is pleased to offer families the opportunity to request a school other than the one assigned to the home address.  To see schools assigned to your home address, use the School Locator Tool

    2022-23 (current school year) Transfer Request
    Refer to this chart to see current transfer spaces available at schools and grade levels. 


    Do I need to apply for a new transfer for 2024 for my child?

    • Asking for a new transfer to a school other than assigned to the home address?  Apply for 2024 beginning February 15.
    • Current transfer student continuing at the same school? Do not submit a new request.
    • Current 4th- or 8th-grade student transfer student? Request a transfer to attend a school other than assigned. School Locator Tool shows schools by home address
    • Current transferred Pre-K student seeking to continue at the same school? Request a 2024 transfer for notification by May 31. 


    How does OKCPS determine if a student is eligible for a transfer?   

    All transfer requests received by the district are considered in accordance with Oklahoma City Public Schools Board Policy F-04. Three criteria are the basis for transfer consideration:

    • Capacity - There must be space available in the requested school and grade level without overloading classrooms.
    • Behavior - Repeated incidents of student discipline at the home school may result in a transfer being approved.
    • Attendance - Excessive absences may prevent student transfer approval since families must transport students to and from each school on time each day. Transportation is not provided for transfer students. 

    See FAQ for Student Transfers for more information. 

Additional Questions?

  • Grace Garcia
    Student Transfer Specialist
    Phone: (405) 587-0490

    Jamie Cuellar (Habla Español)
    Student Transfer Specialist
    Phone: (405) 587-0491