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    Call 405-587-0490 or 405-587-0491 (Habla Español) for more information
    2023 Spring Transfer Window Opens February, 2022

    Need to Find Your School?


    OKCPS accepts transfer requests in the Spring to help families and the district to plan for the coming year. All transfer requests received during the transfer window will be considered in priorities listed in OKCPS Board Policy F-04.

    • Student transfers are at the district level
    • Submit one application per student
    • Transfer space availability is determined after needs of resident school students are established
    • Student current attendance and behavior are evaluated for transfer consideration.  
    • For students not currently attending OKCPS, upload student attendance and behavior records from this year 
    • A randomized lottery is used when the number of requests exceed spaces available
    • Families will be notified of transfer decisions by May 15 


    Have Questions or Need Help with Forms?

    Grace Bolongia
    Transfer Specialist
    Phone: 405-587-0490

    Jamie Cuellar (Habla Español)
    Transfer Specialist
    Phone: 405-587-0491


    Who needs to apply for a 2021-2022 Student Transfer? 


    • K-12 continuing transfer students staying at the same address and school for 2021-2022 do not apply
    • Continuing Belle Isle MS, Classen SAS MS & HS, and Southeast MS & HS students who live outside the district do not apply
    • Students newly-accepted to Belle Isle MS, Classen SAS MS & HS, Southeast MS & HS students or Charter schools do not apply. Acceptance to these schools authorizes transfers.



    • OKCPS and Non-OKCPS residents seeking new transfers for children to an OKCPS school for 2021-2022
    • Current PK transfer students seeking to be considered to stay at current school for Kindergarten
    • Current transfer students in the final grade of their schools seeking to move to the next school with peers
    • Students who no longer live in their current school attendance area seeking to continue
    • Current Application and Charter students whose residences changed to a different non-OKCPS district during the current school year.
    • Siblings of transfer students seeking to attend the school where their brothers and sisters attend
    • District employees who live outside a school or OKCPS attendance area for their child
       > Employees must be parents or legal guardians of children for whom they seek District Employee transfers
       > For extended family such as grandchildren or other relatives, please submit appropriate request


    Timeline for Transfers 

    • February 15 - April 15: Student transfer applications available online
    • April 16 - Transfers requests after the deadline will not be considered until the new school year begins
    • May 1 – Parent/Guardian notifications of transfer revocations for current school year
    • May 15 – Last day for Parent/Guardian to submit appeal of transfer revocation
    • May 15 – Parent/Guardian notified of upcoming school year transfer application status
    • July 30 - Notify families of results of transfer revocation appeal
    • June 15 – Parent/Guardian deadline to submit Student Transfer Contract