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Now Hiring School Nurses!

  • Oklahoma City Public Schools will pay a one-time recruitment stipend of $2,500 to Registered Nurses (RNs) or $1,500 to Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) accepting full-time* employment with the District as a school nurse by February 1st, 2023. Former employees will be eligible for the recruitment stipend if they have been separated from the District more than one (1) calendar year prior to being rehired.

    The signing bonus will be paid in full on the first regular paycheck (less applicable taxes) notated as a separate line item on the paystub.  



    Certification: RNs must complete application for Oklahoma School Nurse certification prior to hire. For information on the application process, please visit: https://sde.ok.gov/traditional-path-oklahoma-teacher-certification#nurse
    Employees who are pending certification will receive the recruitment stipend within the next two paychecks once the certification has been issued, usually within 30 days.

    Please note: The Human Resources Department must receive your original teaching certificate. 

    Contract period:

    Full-time* employment is defined by the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Employees who are less than full-time will receive the corresponding proportion of the recruitment stipend. For example, half-time employees will receive half the stipend. 

    Early Termination: 
    In the event an employee is unable to fulfill their contract period agreement as defined above, the stipend will be prorated for the actual period worked versus the full contract period.  The District will recoup the unearned stipend amount from the remaining employee paycheck (reflecting adjustments for all applicable taxes). If the final paycheck is not sufficient to repay the district, a repayment agreement will be required and a hold on any future employment paychecks will be entered into SAP until the repayment is completed.

    If an employee adjusts their contract from full-time to part-time, is there a resulting change to the paid stipend? District determination based on need.



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Nurses Are Vital to OKCPS

  • In 2019, Pathway to Greatness supported the value and importance of access to a school nurse for every student, thus creating at least one nurse position for each of our 62 schools. 

    Their roles are critical in the daily operations of a school, especially now, in the time of COVID-19. The school nurse is responsible for strengthening and facilitating the educational process by promoting, improving, and maintaining the health status of students. The school nurse serves as a resource person in matters of health education, health promotion and functions as an integral part of the school staff. 

    Our school nurses provide essential services like health screening programs and daily medication management for students. They also provide guidance, counseling, or follow-up as needed by referring students and/or their families to appropriate health care agencies for services. 

    In some cases, our school nurses are the only health care provider our students see regularly. The relationships they build with students and their families are a vital component in maintaining a safe and healthy learning environment for our students,” said OKCPS Superintendent Dr. Sean McDaniel.