Why is mental health important for our students:

  • Emotional, Mental, Behavioral Health Impacts Academic Achievement

    • Even moderate substance use and/or violence/delinquency is associated with test scores a full level below other students.
    • Students with depression, trauma/violence exposure, serious emotional disturbance are more likely to be absent, have poorer grades, be retained, and not complete secondary education as compared to other students.
    • School-based social and emotional learning programs have effects equivalent to a 10 percentage point gain in academic test performance and improvements in school attendance.

Steps to Strong Student Mental Health

  • steps graphic

Plan Highlights

    • Sixty one overall actions throughout the district
    • Initiative actions range from development of an intervention menu to training for all staff
    • Early universal screeners for students to identify and support needs
    • Multi-year implementation
    • Ongoing data review and adjustments

    *More details will be added as the plan is finalized.