• Team OKCPS,

    I want to provide you with an important update on our school calendar.

    We’ve had some questions about why our make-up plan looks slightly different from other districts. I am really grateful for these questions because after re-evaluating our calendar minutes, we did find that we had an internal miscommunication that resulted in our plan adding up to about 14 more hours than the required minimum.

    It was an honest mistake, and the team immediately came together to consider our next steps, gathering feedback from our school staff and teacher leadership to inform our decision. We had 3 options to consider: 1) To leave the schedule as-is, 2) To slightly reduce the number of extra minutes of instruction per day by about 15 minutes, or 3) To pull back the extra days at the end of the school year. Based on feedback from our schools and given that all OKCPS schools and our many community partners have already adjusted their schedules to accommodate the extra hour, we all agreed that ending the school year for students on May 29 was the best choice. This means that we will reserve the additional snow days on May 30 and 31 for use in the event of any inclement weather this tornado season.

    I know that the extra hour of instruction at the end of the day is disruptive for some, but reducing this by just a few minutes each day would not significantly change that situation, and it would be very difficult for our schools and partners to adjust all of their operational elements yet again. As an OKCPS parent, I too have reflected on the anxiety I have about the impact of the extra hour on my own children, and I understand your concern. My kindergartener and third grader have adapted well, especially now that the district has been able to provide afternoon snacks, but it isn’t easy. As we look back on the teacher walkout and how we can continue our advocacy for education, this is our best option for making up that missed time which will have an indelible impact on our students’ learning.

    Again, the last day of school for our students will be May 29, and all OKCPS employees should use the chart to below to confirm your last day of service based on your contract. If you have questions, please contact your supervisor. You can also find more information here: www.okcps.org/teacherwalkout

    Thank you so much for your ongoing support and investment in OKCPS. Let’s work together to make these last few weeks of the year the best yet!

    Love and courage,

    Rebecca Kaye

    Acting Superintendent