• FAQ for Staff - April 26th


    Q: What does this date change mean for staff?  

    • Staff will still be working the total number of days based on their schedule/contract.

    Example for Teachers:

    Days Worked Pre-Teacher Walkout = 137


    April 2nd – 5th = 4 Union Leave Days


    35 Days X 8 Hour Days = 280 Hours/7 Hour Teacher Contract

    (April 16 – June 4th)


    Total Contract Days (Last Teacher Contract Day – June 4th)



    Q: When is the last day of school for staff?

    Employee Group

    Last Day of Contract

    176 Day

    (Kitchen Staff)

    June 4th

    180 Day

    (Bus Driver, Bus Assistant, Security Specialist)

    June 4th

    181 Day

    (Teachers, Elementary Counselors, Native American Advisor, Parent Liaison, Teaching Assistants, Nurses,

    Occupational & Physical Therapist, Social Workers, Speech Pathologist)

    June 4th

    186 Day


    June 5th  

    186 Day

    (Media Assistants)

    June 7th

    191 Day

    (Instructional Coaches)

    June 4th

    191 Day

    (Administrative Interns, ELL Instructional Facilitator)

    June 6th

    196 Day

    (Vocational Teachers)

    June 6th

    196 Day

    (Child Development Tech, Parent As Teachers, Elementary Clerk)

    June 6th

    196 Day

    (Secondary Counselors)

    June 4th


    201 Day

    (Attendance Clerk, Finance Clerk, Secondary Clerk, MS Registrar, CNS Special Center)

    June 5th

    201 Day

    Library Media Specialist

    June 4th


    207 Day


    June 8th

    210 Day

    (Elementary Principal, Elementary Assistant Principal, Middle School Assistant Principal)

    June 6th

    210 Day

    (Elementary Principal’s Secretary)

    June 12th

    215 Day

    (JROTC Staff)

    June 22nd

    220 Day

    (Middle School Principal, High School Assistant Principal)

    June 20th

    220 Day

    (Middle School Principal’s Secretary)

    June 26th


    Q: How many days worth of Snow Day Credit can staff accumulate?  


    SNOW DAYS - Teacher Earned Credit (CBA, Article VIII, Section 5)

    Teachers may earn up to three (3) days of credit per contract year, that may be used in lieu of working or using employee leave time including unpaid leave when it is determined that the district must schedule non-instructional weather make-up days at the end of the school year to fulfill the employee’s contracted work schedule.  (The credit days shall not be carried over to future fiscal years.)

    Only participation in the following events qualify:

    • Up to two (2) days may be earned by attending and participating in any of the following events which are valued at a half day credit: Open House, Parent Nights (i.e., any events at which parents are encouraged to attend and participate in the event, such as literacy nights, math nights, science nights, etc.), Academic Events, Secondary Graduation (the teacher must participate in the ceremony to earn credit), and School Fine Arts Performances.
    • Up to one (1) day may be earned by participating in a professional development previously identified by the District as approved for earned Snow Day credit.
    • All eligible events are worth a half day credit, unless the event involves a full day. (for example, the Junior BotBall Challenge was a full-day event)
    • Credit is NOT earned if the teacher receives a stipend for the event.

    Q: Which staff members are eligible for Snow Day Credit?

    • All staff who are included in the AFT Collective Bargaining Agreement

    Q: How should staff submit their Snow Day Credit for approval?

     Process & Documentation: Documentation of attendance at approved school events must be submitted by the teacher, approved by the principal and retained by the school.  Documentation must include:

    • Teacher professional development requests must be submitted for approval prior to the event by submitting to the principal documentation of relevance to job role and alignment with school goals.  Principal submits electronic request, including all relevant information about the professional development to the PK-12 Academics Office (@Curriculum Services). At least ONE WEEK should be allowed for review and approval.
    • ALL professional development offered by the Oklahoma State Department of Education and/or OKCPS (Professional Development, Curriculum, Library Media Services, Fine Arts, PE, ETS, Language & Cultural Services, Special Education, School Support Services) may be considered automatically approved if stipends are not paid.

    o One FORM shall be used to document school events and one FORM shall be used to document professional development at each school.

    o The teacher name, employee ID number, date(s) of event, event title and the credit amount earned.  Any event agenda’s or programs shall be attached.

    o Annually, a spreadsheet of all teachers earned credit must be signed by principal and submitted by May 14, 2018, to the ILD.

    o ILD reviews and submits the approved spreadsheet to HR by May 21, 2018.


    Type of Credit

    What Is Acceptable?

    Who To Contact?

    School Event

    Open House

    Parent Nights

    Performances (Elementary)

    Graduation Participation (Secondary)



    Professional Development



    Previously Approved PD (Academics)


    Julie James  jmjames@okcps.org  

    Spreadsheet Submitted by May 15 by Principal for ALL Teachers in School – ILD then HR