• OKCPS Transportation Field Trip Supervisor/Coordinator

    Ms. Cheronda Williams




    Field Trip requests start at the campus level.  A Field Trip must be approved by the campus Principal and ILD, funds must be secured for a PO, and a PO must be in place before requesting transportation services.  All sites should plan in advance and have this process complete at least 10 business days before their planned trip.


    Procedures for requesting a Field Trip can be found in the drop down menu for this webpage.

    1. Submit Request for Field Trip to the campus Principal.
    2. Secure additional approvals if necessary from ILD/Superintendent.
    3. Secure funding and have a PO in place. 
    4. Submit a Field Trip Request on Trip Tracker for the Transportation Department to schedule services. 
    5. All Field Trip approvals and signatures must be uploaded and submitted with your Trip Tracker request under the Attachments Tab.


  • The OKCPS Transportation team is eager to serve our schools through field trips and various off-campus events.

    • School Day Trips 9:30AM- 1:30PM
    • Evening Activities after 4:30 PM
    • Weekend Trips
    • Athletics
    • Fine Arts
    • CTE

    *Due to current vehicle capacity, OKCPS vehicles are for student use only.  Adult only trips (supervision, PD, etc.) should be submitted through their supervisor for mileage reimbursement when applicable. 

    A Field Trip request must be submitted to Trip Tracker at least ten business days in advance or OKCPS Transportation WILL NOT schedule services for the event.