The Attendance Advocates's primary focus is addressing attendance issues.  This includes identifying the reason(s) for the absenteeism, documenting, and developing an intervention plan.  We assist schools in documenting the steps taken at the site level to address attendance and developing the necessary plans to improve the student's future attendance. Our commitment is to educate our community to comply with the Compulsory Education Law.  Non-compliance can result in municipal citations for parents or students (12 yrs. +).  Parents' charges will result in a criminal misdemeanor and student charges result in a status offense.

    Attendance of Pre-K students does not fall under Compulsory Education Law; however, students will be tracked for attendance.  We will provide interventions as requested.  Excessive absences may result in a student's enrollment being dropped.

TIPS | Report Incident

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    • Click Here! or call 587-STOP (7867)

      TIPS (Threat Assessment, Incident Management and Prevention Services) is a reporting system available 24/7 for students and parents to make appropriate OKCPS officials aware of concerns and potential threats to the safety of our students and staff. Such concerns and threats could include:

      • parent complaints
      • weapons possession
      • drug/alcohol use
      • bullying/harassment
      • school vandalism
      • physical assault
      • threats of violence
      • suicide risk
      • abuse or neglect
      • suspension appeal