Safety and Security Tips for Families

  • Talk to your student about safety and security: A great resources for knowing how to have these conversations is the National Association of School Psychologists.

    Have a Safety Plan:

    • Ensure your student has family emergency contact information memorized, and have a back-up family member that lives outside of the area.
    • Ensure your student’s emergency contact information is up to date with the school.
    • Follow your schools check-in and check-out procedures, and use the correct entrances and exits.


    If you see something say something!

    • You can report strange behaviors or issues to any school professional. You can also fill out TIPS report by going to the district website homepage and clicking on the butterfly.


    Know and understand your: 

    School's Standard Response Protocols >


    OKCPS uses the following response protocols in all of our schools:


    HOLD: Hold is used when the hallways need to be kept clear of occupants and staff. Students and staff will be asked to "Clear the hallways" and stay in their room or area until further information or an "All Clear" announcement has been made. 

    SECURE: All perimeter doors will be locked and entry will not be allowed. This occurs when there is a threat outside of the school. If you see this sign in the door please respect staff and allow them to follow safety and security measures for you students by not attempting to enter the school. Inside the school will be business as usual.

    LOCKDOWN: This action is in response to a threat inside of the school. Staff and students are instructed to LOCK doors, turn off the LIGHTS,  and get OUT OF SIGHT.  Do not attempt to enter the school, or instruct your student to leave. You may also see this sign if your school is conducting a drill.

    EVACUATE: Students will follow instructions of staff and teachers to be led to their, safety, evacuation location

    SHELTER: Students will follow instruction of staff and teachers to be lead to their pre-identified shelter locations. IF A TORNADO WARNING HAS BEEN ISSUED AND SIRENS ARE ACTIVATED, THE SCHOOL WILL NO LONGER BE OPEN FOR ENTRY OR EXIT. STUDENTS AND STAFF WILL BE IN SHELTER LOCATIONS.

Reminders for Families, Staff and Community

  • We felt that it was important to remind families, staff and our community of the safety and security protocols and procedures we have in place at OKCPS.

    Here are a few key things to remember:

    • We require our schools to practice drills across four areas – lockout, lockdown, shelter-in-place, and evacuation.
    • OKCPS has a safety plan in place for each school which includes detailed instructions for those four areas in an emergency situation.
    • In the event of any type of emergency, it is critical for staff to maintain control, be responsive, and follow the directions of all first responders, including our Safety and Security team and other coordinating law enforcement agencies.
    • Remind parents and staff to keep emergency contact information current.
    • We have a 24 hour Safety and Security Hotline – 587-SAFE.
    • If you ever see suspicious activity at or near a school at any time, please call 587-SAFE or 911.
    • You can report incidents, suspicious activity or concerns using our online TIPS reporting system or calling 587-STOP.
    • OKCPS has an established working relationship with the Oklahoma City Police Department, Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department and other associated municipal law enforcement agencies. (This includes Spencer, Village, Nichols Hills, Midwest City, and Del City)
    • 100% of our buildings have controlled access. Doors should never be propped open under any circumstances.
    • We have surveillance cameras in all of our schools.
    • School Resource Officers are assigned to all middle and high schools
    • Roving Security Guards are assigned to assist elementary schools.
    • Armed security guards respond to district alarm calls and after hours concerns.
    • All OKCPS Staff, Contractors, Substitutes, and Visitors are required to wear identification badges while on OKCPS property.

Heartline Oklahoma


    Call: 2-1-1

    Text your ZIP code to: 898-211

    So many things in life can leave a person in crisis: the aftermath of a storm, the loss of a job, abuse at home, mental health struggles, bills higher than earnings. Perhaps you need help feeding your family or treating a medical condition. Dial 2-1-1 – or text your ZIP code to 898-211– we can provide the resources and support you need to get back on your feet. It’s free and confidential. We’re always here to listen to you, and we’ll help in any capacity we can. Call us today.