Wellness Program

  •  Oklahoma City Public Schools District Wellness Policy is continually updated to meet the needs of the district in the areas of health, wellness, physical activity and safety. Development, implementation and review of district wellness will be guided by the following goals: 


    1. Each district school shall be a safe and healthy place for students and employees to learn and work, with a  climate that nurtures learning, achievement, growth of character, health and wellness. 

    2. All students shall be taught the essential knowledge and skills needed to become health literate; that is, to make  health-enhancing choices and avoid behaviors that can damage their health and well-being.  

    3. Each district school shall be organized to reinforce students’ adoption of health-enhancing behaviors, and staff  shall be encouraged to model healthy lifestyles. 

    4. School leaders shall ensure that the nutrition health services and social services students need to learn are  provided at either the school site or in cooperation with other community agencies.