Family Engagement

    Regardless of economic, racial/ethnic, and educational backgrounds and students ages, families that are involved in their student’s learning (in and out of school time) have a huge impact on their overall success. When families are engaged with their child’s school and involved in their learning, students tend to:
    • Receive higher grade point averages and scores on standardized tests or rating scales
    • Enrollment in more challenging academic programs
    • More classes passed and credits earned
    • Better attendance
    • Improved behavior at home and at school
    • Better social skills and adaptation to school

    Below are tips and other ideas on how to stay engaged in your child(ren)’s education (in and out of school time).

    • Building relationships with the school

      • Email your students’ principals and teachers to introduce yourself, provide your contact information, and let them know you are here to work together to support your child
      • Attend Future School Open House Dates
      • All the ways the school and District will keep you informed:
        • Going to your mobile App store and search for “Oklahoma City Public Schools” 
        • Blackboard messaging system will send texts and phone calls
        • OKCPS website
        • Your child’s school website
        • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
        • Download the OKCPS mobile App by:
      • 587-STOP: TIPS report an incident
        • TIPS (Threat, Assessment, Incident Management and Prevention Services) is a reporting system for students and parents to make appropriate OKCPS officials aware of potential threats to the safety of our students and staff
      • Infinite Campus: stay up to date with your student’s grades, request records, enroll and update information, etc. 

    • Getting to know other parents and the school community will help you gain knowledge on other ways to support your student and their school:

      • Find out if your school has a PTA, and other ways to volunteer 
    • Find out if your school has an active PTA by:




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