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Student Information - Infinite Campus

  • Welcome to Oklahoma City Public Schools’ Parent Portal on Infinite Campus

    Infinite campus is a web-based student information system used by Oklahoma City Public Schools to record student enrollments, attendance, behavior, and grades. OKCPS began using infinite campus in July, 2016.



Infinite Campus Parent Portal

  • What is the Parent Portal?
    Parent Portal is our tool for parents and students to access instant, online, timely and secure student information about their student’s work in Oklahoma City Public Schools, and about issues that may affect them and their family. Parents are a key factor in their child’s educational and academic success. You need to stay informed about your student’s progress.


    What information can be found on Parent Portal?

      • Calendar: Tracks student class attendance and class assignments. Gray boxes indicate school is not in session.
      • Schedule: Lists your student’s class schedule, assignments and grades.
      • Attendance: Shows when your student was absent from class.
      • Behavior: Shows any behavior incidents.
      • Reports: Displays student’s schedule, missing assignments, report cards and grade transcripts. 

    Check out this video before getting started. 


Parent Portal - Getting Started

  • Step One:

    Visit your child's school with your ID and ask for the Infinite Campus Activation Key. School personnel will verify your identity and provide you with a code. 


    Step Two:

    Click the "Parent Portal" Icon on your right. When you see the page shown below, click on the orange HELP to reveal the activation key link.

    Parent Portal Info


    Step Three:

    Under "Problems logging in?" click the "click here" link to enter your activation key. 

    Activation Screen Capture


    Step Four:

    Enter your activation key. Click submit and follow the on screen instructions to set up your account information. 

Campus Portal Access


    campus portal student login



    campus portal parent login



Parent Portal Mobile App Overview