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September 12, 2023 | Message from McDaniel: Experience Survey

OKCPS Families, 

You may remember in the spring you were asked to complete a survey about your experience with your child’s school. We will be sharing another survey with very similar questions next week. 

OKCPS wants to collect your valuable feedback to help us make OKCPS the very best district it can be. 

The Experience Survey will be open from September 12th through September 24th. Families will receive a link to complete the survey via text message. The survey is also linked in this email. Additionally, families will have an opportunity to complete the survey during Parent Teacher Conferences at your child’s school. 

It’s important for each of our families to complete the survey so we can continue to make improvements. I encourage all of our families to take a few minutes and complete the survey to provide your very valuable feedback. 

Take Experience Survey

I also want to inform you about the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) window that will open right after the Experience Survey window closes. The SDQ window will be September 25th through October 6th. 

  • Elementary Students (grades 1-4)  - Families will be asked to complete the SDQ for each of your students

  • Secondary Students (grades 5-12) - Families will be asked to complete the SDQ for each of your students. Students will also be asked to complete the SDQ for themselves. 

More information will be provided regarding the SDQ in the coming weeks. 

Thank you for your continued support of OKCPS. 

Take care, 

Dr. Sean McDaniel