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OKCPS Board of Education Adopted Resolution Thanking OKCPS Community for COVID-19 Response

Whereas, in mid-March 2020, the Oklahoma City Public Schools Community faced an unprecedented challenge from the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Global Pandemic, which, to date, has caused illness, death, and major disruptions to worldwide economies and daily routines, including family, business, education, athletic, entertainment, government, religious, social and numerous other activities; and,

Whereas, the impact to humanity of COVID-19, to date, has been compared to that of World War II and the 1918 Influenza Global Pandemic; and,

Whereas, following guidance from national, state, and local authorities and the Centers for Disease Control, strong social distancing efforts were applied to stop the spread of the virus including the Oklahoma State School Board voting on March 25, 2020, to keep all Oklahoma school buildings closed and implement distance learning plans for the remainder of the school year; and,

Whereas, our students, teachers, administrators, support staff, families, community partners, public officials, and so many others pulled together in ways we had never imagined to keep the hearts, minds and stomachs of our OKCPS kids full in the midst of this terrible health crisis; and,

Whereas, despite the risk, our School Nutrition Services team, and other staff and community volunteers, showed up – every single day – to prepare and distribute nearly ONE-MILLION MEALS for our students across the city; and,  

Whereas, our educators – the most creative people on the planet – helped us design a new way of learning via our Continuous Learning Plan. They developed innovative lessons, took up office hours and held classes for students from home, and launched hotlines to help with academic questions and emotional support for our students and families; and,

Whereas, our Central Office staff continued processing payroll, providing IT support, making repairs, hiring for the future, ensuring our buildings were safe, coordinating donations and volunteers, mowing lawns, and a million other things to ensure our district could continue to operate, while – at the same time – adjusting to the “new norm” of often working, and collaborating, remotely from home; and,

Whereas, the Superintendent, his Cabinet, and countless district leaders put in many long days providing steady, prudent, reassuring leadership while guiding our district, and its community, through this unprecedented challenge; and,

Whereas, all of our precious students had to come to terms with the many changes and disappointments that accompanied this virus. Not the least of which was the 2020 seniors. What they anticipated to be a spring full of fun and memorable activities was reduced to 'safe-at-home' restrictions and a virtual graduation.

Therefore, be it resolved, the Oklahoma City Public Schools Board of Education extends its deepest gratitude to, and appreciation for, our students and families, staff, and community of volunteers and patrons for their countless personal sacrifices and contributions enabling our community to overcome the challenges resulting from COVID-19.

Dated this 8th day of June 2020.