• When is the application window open?

    The application window is open from January 12th to March 5th. 


    What are application schools?

    As part of its goal to provide diverse educational opportunities to OKCPS families, the Board has established several schools that have selective admission requirements. Students wishing to attend one of these schools must complete an application.

    The Pathway To Greatness Plan allowed OKCPS to expand the number of seats available for our very successful programs at Classen SAS, Southeast and Belle Isle Enterprise.


    Which schools are application schools?

    Grades 5-8 | Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School, Classen School of Advanced Studies Middle School and Southeast Middle School

    Grades 9-12 | Classen School of Advanced Studies High School at Northeast and Southeast High School


    Who can apply?

    Any student currently in 4th - 11th grade can apply to one of our application schools. 

    Current OKCPS students should follow the instructions for selecting their school of choice using the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. 

    Students not currently enrolled in OKCPS should complete the interest form on the website to start the application process. 


    Can students outside of OKCPS apply?

    Yes, students who currently attend school in another district are eligible to apply. However, priority is given to students who live within the OKCPS boundaries. 


    What are the admissions criteria for applications schools?

    Each school has developed a rubric in which they use to process applications. Examples of criteria include: attendance, test scores, grades, interests/talents, teacher recommendations, writing samples, and more.


    When will we know if our child was accepted?

    Letters of acceptance will go out the week of March 15th.

    Notification will also be sent the week of March 15th for student’s whose applications were not accepted.


    Do current OKCPS students get accepted before out of district students?

    Current OKCPS students and students who live within the OKCPS boundary that meet the campus application acceptance criteria will have priority over students who apply who live outside the district boundaries that meet the same criteria.

    Is online the only way to apply? What if I don’t have a parent portal?

    Yes, online is the only way to apply. However, if families are having issues with logging in to their parent portal or need help setting one up, please call our PK-12 Schools Office at 587-0049.


    What did I miss during the #AskOKCPS Facebook Live Session?

    If you missed the #AskOKCPS Facebook Live, you can watch the playback on our facebook page at www.facebook.com/okcpublicschools - these FAQs cover most topics that were discussed. 

    Can children’s grades for this year prevent them from getting accepted to one of these schools? 

    This is a unique year and school will take a comprehensive look at each applicant. Grades will be taken into consideration along with in-district assessments. Schools are looking at writing samples as well as attendance and teacher recommendations. Classen SAS Middle School and Classen SAS High School at Northeast also take into consideration any auditions for applicable students.  


    If my child is in an application school already and wants to go to another application school, do they need to reapply? Or can they automatically be moved? 

    Students would need to apply to each school and go through the selection process. However, 8th graders at Classen SAS Middle School and Southeast Middle School automatically get promoted to 9th grade at their respective schools. 


    What kind of technology-oriented courses are offered at Southeast? 

    Southeast Middle and High School have a focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Southeast also has a robust robotics program. Families should contact the school for additional information about what courses are offered.


    If we missed a virtual audition workshop, how can we view it? 

    If you missed it, don’t worry. Classen SAS High School at Northeast is flexible and wants to accommodate anyone who’s interested in applying. Call the school and they will provide you with additional information. 


    What services or support does the middle school have for children with an IEP?

    All application schools accept and serve students that meet criteria regardless of IEP status. If accepted the school will follow the IEP in accordance with district policy and state law. 


    If a student lives on the north side can they go to application school on the south side?

    Yes, transportation is provided to students who live within the OKCPS boundaries. Transportation is available in three zones. North Zone: Belle Isle Enterprise - North boundary of district to N 50th street. Central Zone: Classen SAS Middle School and Classen SAS High School at Northeast - N 50th Street to Reno Ave. South Zone: Southeast Middle School and Southeast High School - Reno Ave to the south boundary of district. 


    What arts programs does Belle Isle offer? What is the typical path for students after Belle Isle?

    Visual Arts are available to all grade levels and include band, orchestra, vocal music, speech/debate. Belle Isle also has a very unique leadership program and aims to provide their 5th and 6th graders with experience to all of those so they can determine what they’re most drawn to.

    Odyssey is a four day per week 45-minute class for all students at Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School. Students who are in good standing may choose from a variety of enrichment activities including symphony orchestra, archery, Lego building, reading, sports and games, costume design, zumba, origami, print-making, and more. These enrichment classes also allow teachers to share their hobbies and interests with students across all grade levels. 


    Will there be more in-depth virtual info sessions on the individual schools?

    Yes, our application schools are hosting their own information session. You can find out more by visiting the school’s website or checking out their social media pages. All schools have an active Facebook account. 


    My child attends an application school now, do I need to apply again?

    If your child already attends an application school and they wish to stay there, families do not need to apply. Once students have been accepted they can stay for the duration of the grades offered at the school. Additionally, if a student attends Classen SAS Middle School or Southeast Middle School they do not need to apply in order to promote from middle school to high school. 


    Do these schools cost money like private schools? 

    There is no cost to attend an application school. Just like all OKCPS schools, there is no tuition and students can attend for free.