Physical Distancing

  • Physical Distancing

    We recognize that physical distancing is important but sometimes difficult to accomplish. We have developed protocols in a variety of areas and scenarios in order to promote physical distancing between students, between students and staff, and between staff members whenever possible as we return to campus in various phases.



    • Students are required to social distance while riding the school bus. Some seats will have markings to assist in identifying which seats to leave empty.


    • Arrival and dismissal procedures will be altered at each school to avoid congestion and accommodate physical distancing guidelines during high-traffic times.  To avoid congestion during the school day, parents and guests will not be permitted inside the school. Details about protocols will be provided from your child’s individual school.


    • Visual aids will be used when possible to illustrate traffic flow and appropriate spacing to support physical distancing measures. Additional details about hallways and passing periods will be provided by your child’s school.


    • Students will be allowed to enter the restroom per the number of stalls available. Students will be required to social distance and not congregate in hallways or bathrooms. Bathrooms will be cleaned and disinfected frequently throughout the day. 


    • Water fountains are functional. However, students are encouraged to use refillable water bottles and use the schools’ bottle-filling stations, where they are available. The district’s Custodial Services will clean water fountains frequently throughout the day.  In some cases, schools have opted to close some water fountains that are in extremely close proximity to one another and instead provide water bottles to students.


    • The use of lockers will be limited throughout the school day in order to reduce the opportunity for students to gather in the hallways and at lockers.


    • A combination of options will be made available by Student Nutrition Services for students and teachers to expedite food service and to minimize the number of students in the cafeteria during breakfast and lunch periods. 
    • For example, while we are in the current A/B schedule, elementary students will report directly to their classrooms. Teachers will collect their “Grab & Go” breakfast allowing them to eat in their classrooms. Additional details about food service will be provided by your child’s school.


    • Students’ ability to participate in unstructured play is an important component for children to develop physical, mental and social skills. Recess schedules will be staggered and the number of children on the playground will be limited at any given time to accommodate physical distancing guidelines. Hand hygiene practices will be in place before and after recess. Additional details about recess procedures will be provided by your child’s school.