Establishing a Memorandum of Understanding with OKCPS

  • A “Memorandum of Understanding,” or MOU is a formal agreement with OKCPS that describes your services/programming to the district and ensures your agency fulfills legal requirements that protect our students, your organization, and the district as a whole. Any community partner or individual providing a program or service at a school to our students, staff, or families needs a formal agreement with OKCPS.

Who Needs an MOU?

  • Who needs an MOU?  

    1. When services/programming are provided free to a school or OKCPS, you need an MOU. 
    2. If the school or OKCPS pays for your services you need a contract with OKCPS. 

    Before you start an MOU, check with the appropriate OKCPS contact to clarify your services. 

    **NOTE: It is the responsibility of OKCPS department leaders to receive approval from their supervisor and/or cabinet member before Community Relations can move forward with MOU process**


    Most community agencies that provide a service or program at an OKCPS site to students, families, or staff free of charge to the school district will use OKCPS standard template for an MOU, download, and save as a new document. 

    1. Organizations and/or universities providing health services for students and families
    2. Organizations and/or universities that provide behavioral intervention programs, social-emotional learning, or counseling programs for our students, parents, or staff.
    3. Click on the links above or visit to  view the specialized MOU templates 
    4. Contact the appropriate OKCPS contact if you have questions about these kinds of MOUs. 

    However, some types of programs need to use a specialized MOU template, and should not use the standard form. 

    Community Partner MOUs from community partners providing a free service or program must be emailed to   

    1. The Community Relations office will notify additional departments/individuals as needed. 
    2. The Legal Services Department will email Community Relations and appropriate departments/individuals who will ensure we receive appropriate signatures and upload completed MOU to Lextree. 
    3. The appropriate OKCPS contact and Community Relations Office will review all proposed MOUs involving community partners to identify any questions, issues, or corrections that are required.
    4. Once the MOU has been approved by the Community Relations Department and appropriate departments/individuals, the MOU will be submitted to the Legal Services Department (Lextree) for final approval. 

    Please plan ahead, and provide plenty of time for this process! We will do the best we can to respond to your questions and process your MOU as soon as possible. 

    Click here for complete guidelines and FAQs regarding MOUs