What are the functions of the SEEC?

    1. Monitor progress by analyzing District data toward closing the opportunity gap.
    2. Report progress on closing the opportunity gap to the Board of Education and the community.
    3. Review action plans and school-based committee work toward closing the opportunity gap.
    4. Promote the sharing of information on promising practices for enhancing learning for all and closing the opportunity gap with the wider community.
    5. Serve as a catalyst for community actions and the recommendation of resources directed toward closing the opportunity gap and enhancing learning for all.
    6. Promotion of inclusion and equity for all within our schools by examining issues of educational equity and advising district staff on responses to incidents of inequity based on the 11 identified dimensions.
    7. Review and analysis of student performance, program participation, and behavior data in order to form policy and/or procedural recommendations.
    8. Review and recommendation of new and/or revised language to board policies to guide and support focus on intentional oversight on closing the gap in racial equity.

    How do I become a member of the SEEC?

    A majority of the members of the SEEC shall be representative of the OKCPS population. The committee will also be composed of individuals involved in or concerned with the education of students in OKCPS. A majority of the members of the committee must be students, parents, teachers, administrators, and staff.  Members are to serve only in a one-role capacity; not multiple roles. Committee membership should include individuals who represent the following areas:

    Community Representatives

    1. Parents of children with exceptionalities receiving special education instruction and services in OKCPS (3-21)
    2. Parents of children receiving general education instruction in OKCPS
    3. Representatives of institutions of higher education that prepare pre-service teachers and related services personnel
    4. Representatives of institutions of higher education that work with admissions practices
    5. Individuals or agencies who are or represent LatinX families within the OKCPS community
    6. State and local education officials, including officials who carry out activities under subtitle B of title VII of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, (42 U.S.C. 11431 et seq.)
    7. Administrators of supplemental programs for children in OKCPS
    8. Representatives of State agencies involved in oversight or implementation of Equity initiatives
    9. Individuals or agencies who represent students who identify as LGBTQ or other associated identities
    10. Representative of a vocational, community, or business organization concerned with the provision of secondary transition services to children in OKCPS
    11. Representatives from the State child welfare agency responsible for foster care
    12. Representatives from the State juvenile and adult corrections agencies
    13. Representatives from the legal community who represent juvenile offenders
    14. Representatives from the Oklahoma State Legislature 
    15. Students attending school in the Oklahoma City Public School district as a junior or senior

    OKCPS Representatives

    1. Counselor in OKCPS
    2. Instructional Coach in OKCPS
    3. Members of the OKCPS board of education
    4. Teacher in OKCPS
    5. Principal in OKCPS
    6. Representatives from OKCPS Athletics
    7. Representatives from a department in Student Support Services
    8. Representatives from OKCPS Alternative Education programs
    9. Representatives from OKCPS Language and Cultural Services
    10. Representatives of charter schools authorized under OKCPS
    11. Representatives from OKCPS Special Services
    12. OKCPS Family Engagement Manager
    13. OKCPS Representative from the Facilities Division
    14. OKCPS Representative from Curriculum and Instruction Division
    15. OKCPS Representative from Planning, Research, and Evaluation
    16. OKCPS RepresentativeRepresentatives from Social Work Staff
    17. OKCPS Representatives from the Finance Division
    18. OKCPS Representatives from Human Resources
    19. OKCPS Representative of a vocational, community, or business organization concerned with the provision of transition services to children in OKCPS

    Where do I sign up?

    Membership on the SEEC requires a two-year term of service. Maintaining continuity of knowledge is critically important for this committee to succeed. We will be accepting interest forms on a rolling basis, but membership may not be granted except under the following conditions; a current member resigns or must be replaced, or we have to add additional members to dimension workgroups. Please use the appropriate interest form link below to place your name on the list for membership on the seek and someone will respond as appropriate.


    Community Interest Form



    OKCPS Staff Member Interest Form