Surrogate Parents

  • A surrogate parent is needed when the student is a ward of the state and no longer in a parent’s custody.

    Parent means one of the following:

    • Natural or adoptive parent of the child
    • Foster parent
    • Guardian (but not the state if the child is a ward of the state)
    • Individual acting in the place of a natural or adoptive parent with whom the child lives (grandparent, aunt, or other relative)
    • Individual who is legally responsible for the child’s welfare

    Each local school district or public agency must ensure that the rights of a child with a disability are protected by assigning a surrogate parent when:

    • No parent can be identified;
    • The parent cannot be located after reasonable efforts;
    • The child is a ward of the State and the parent’s rights have been terminated or;
    • The child is an unaccompanied homeless youth as defined by the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act.
    • The child is temporarily awaiting foster care placement.


  • To initiate the process of appointing a surrogate parent, please contact:

    Tresha Arrington

    (405) 587-0434